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God Of War Ragnarok: How To Beat Einherjar Warriors

Unable to defeat Asgard's finest warriors? Check out our guide on how to beat Einherjar Warriors in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok features a plethora of threats as Kratos and Atreus get on with their adventure around the Nine Realms. As the father-son duo is meddling with the Aesir, you encounter several types of foes from Aesir in GoW Ragnarok. Einherjar Warriors are a type of Einherjar enemies that are comparably stronger than the usual Einherjar enemies. These foes qualify for the distinctive Warrior title as they are resurrected for the third or fourth time. While they are a pretty strong force to reckon with, they are no match for Kratos. So, check out our guide on how to beat the Einherjar Warriors in God of War Ragnarok.


How to Beat the Einherjar Warriors in God of War Ragnarok

Being resurrected for the third or fourth time, Einherjar warriors are Primordial humanoid enemies in GoW Ragnarok. You will encounter them several times as you progress with the Story quests.

god of war ragnarok beat einherjar warriors

So, here’s how you can defeat the Einherjar warriors:

  • Despite being comparably strong to the Einherjars, there’s not much difference in their fighting style. Having said that, Einherjar warriors are pretty aggressive and powerful foes.
  • While the Einherjar warriors wield simply one-handed weapons, you should know when to parry, dodge, or block their attacks.
  • Einherjar warriors can inflict the Bifrost attacks on the Health bar. While the Bifrost heals over time, avoid getting hit as it can detonate resulting in additional damage.
  • You need to keep your shield up while fighting these enemies. So, make sure to equip the best shields for Kratos.
  • You can also fight them barehanded to stagger or stun them.
  • As you will be empty-handed, you can also use Spartan Kick on these enemies.
  • Once you have stunned them, you can finish them off with the Leviathan Axe or the Blades of Chaos.
  • Defeating Einherjar Warriors is a piece of cake unless you get hit by their Bifrost attacks in GoW Ragnarok.

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