Banned Streamer Indiefoxx Partners With Eternal To Sell her Twitch Clips as NFTs

The streamer Indiefoxx, who was banned from the Twitch Partner Program recently, recently teamed up with a website called Eternal, this time selling her Twitch clips for real money through the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) system.

Banned streamer Indiefoxx is now selling her Twitch clips as NFTs

Indiefoxx is a North American streamer who was banned and eliminated from the Twitch Partner Program. Prior to the ban, she generated a lot of money with advertisements, donations, live streaming, etc.

But, as usual, the moment you are big on Twitch, they take away everything you had achieved for the content you have created, and thus you end up finding another way to earn money. The same goes with Indiefoxx.

After the streamer was involved in a controversy over her ASMR content of an NSFW nature in some cases, Indiefoxx started selling her Twitch clips for real money. The site that has partnered with the services of Indiefoxx to sell her clips is called, and it seems that the streamer can upload her clips to the services offered and sell them for different prices.

Indiefoxx has sold her clips ranging from $17 per person to $100 of dollars, also confirming that she has managed to sell all the clips in less than 12 hours, as can be seen in the tweet that she posted below.

Indiefoxx is selling her clips via the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) system, a method of paying for items such as photos, audio, musical theme, or in this case a Twitch clip, and it should be profitable. It seems that she is the first streamer to take advantage of her Twitch clips by selling them outside of the streaming platform.