IndieFoxx Banned Again: Reason Of 6th Ban From Twitch Partner Program (2021)

The famous Hot-Tub and ASMR streamer Indiefoxx gets banned from Twitch for the sixth time in 2021.

Indiefoxx is the undisputed queen of Hot-Tub and ASMR streaming this year on Twitch, and she has recently been a bit on everyone’s minds, also given her growing popularity. Recently, she was banned for the sixth time from Twitch Partner Program, here’s more about it.

IndieFoxx 6th Ban Reason – Loses Twitch Partnership?

IndieFoxx banned from Twitch partner program

The North American streamer has just come out of a 3-day ban due to the semi-transparent clothes she wore during her ASMR streams, but evidently, the punishment was not enough, since recently she received another ban, probably for the same reasons.

Clearly, the situation has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of many observers of the platform who have not failed to comment on the situation, hoping this time that the penalty is harder than what it means to break the rules on Twitch.

At the time of writing this article, it is not yet clear how long this ban was given to the 26-year-old Indiefoxx, but it is quite clear that if it was even a longer ban, there would be most likely an international mobilization of streamers who will rise up against the platform, at least asking for the necessary explanations.

In any case, after the sixth consecutive ban, it would be appropriate to take more serious measures against certain elements, which in the international perspective also outline the trend on Twitch, and on its near future, also from an advertising point of view.

Indiefoxx Biography, Twitch Stats, Net Worth

The real name of Indiefoxx is Jenelle Dagres and she lives in Los Angeles. She is a singer and her zodiac sign is Pisces. She started her career in a band called Desert Drive which has nearly 13000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

As for the Twitch stats of Indiefoxx, on average she gets around 10,000 viewers in a single live stream. The net worth of Indiefoxx is worth about $700,000. She earns from many different sources which include Twitch subscribers as well as from donations.

In addition, she has 31000 followers on Twitter. Interested players can also join her discord server which is named “Indiefoxx Tribe” and it has over 8000 members. She also has an Instagram profile with more than 1,15,000 followers where she uploads her photos daily.