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Evil Dead Game – How To Unlock Amanda Fisher

Check out our guide on how to unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead The Game.

Amanda Fisher is one of the lead characters in the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead. As Saber Interactive managed to bring all the iconic characters into the Evil Dead The Game, you can find this badass cop in the Hunter class. Her unique abilities and perks allow players to bash Deadites with ease. But you need to complete some missions to unlock her. So, here’s our guide on how to unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead The Game.

How to Unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead The Game


You can unlock Amanda Fisher by completing the mission three, Kill ’em all. In this mission, you will be assigned the objective to clear out three Deadite Infestation areas. What makes this mission a challenge is a ticking timer and two bosses ready to infest. You will encounter several exploding Deadites. The boss that you will encounter in the second infestation area can multiply itself into clones. So, make sure to kill him before he creates more clones. In addition to this boss, the final boss has teleportation abilities that allow it to zap closer to you.

If you are ready to bash dozens of Deadites,  this mission can get you all Groovy!

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The first objective of this mission is to get a car and drive to the Deadite infestation area. The locations of the different Infestation areas are as follows:

  • Near Railway Loop
  • Dead End near Royal Oak Cemetry
  • Fairview Campground

But before you reach these infestation areas, make sure to collect the suitable loot. You need to equip with enough Shemp’s Cola, Amulets, and ammunition.


You can check out our guide on how to complete mission three for more insight. If you have not completed the previous missions, you can also check out our guides on how to complete missions 1 and mission 2.
Once you have completed mission 3, you will unlock Amanda Fisher along with the Knowby Recording 3.

After completing this mission, you can proceed with the next mission titled “It’s Not Gonna Go“.

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