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Pink F In Evil Dead The Game: How To Get & Use It?

Here's where to find Pink F, what are the points & how to use it to upgrade your character's stats for the match.

While Shemp’s Cola will help players heal in Evil Dead The Game, Pink F is something that will help you upgrade your character’s skills. In a game like this where the enemy is a paranormal entity, knowing where to find Pink F is very important because it can make or break the game for your team of Survivors. Here’s how to get and use it.

How to Get Pink F in Evil Dead The Game


how to upgrade character stats evil dead

To get more Pink F bottles, keep checking the supply crates (Epic, Legendary mainly) randomly placed throughout the map. They can be found inside cabins, houses – anywhere. When you get the Kandarian Dagger and the Lost Pages of Necronomicon, you can open up more crates. As soon as you have obtained a Pink F bottle, press down on the D-pad and choose how you want to upgrade your character.

Note that Pink F points are applicable only for the duration of the match and you have to do it all over again for the next gaming session. The other power-ups from your skill tree will be applied for the games you play at any time.


As you may have already experienced while playing, there are quite a few traps and jumpscares in Evil Dead The Game. Sometimes, the trees end up scaring you out of nowhere, a demon might appear like a cruel magic trick and the supply crates could be traps. But if you are equipped to deal with them, it should be okay. Here are the best Ash builds that might come in handy.

What Do Pink F Points Do?

The skills that the Survivors have in this game are melee, ranged, health, fear, stamina and shield. As you collect Pink F bottles, you can upgrade your character’s stats for the rest of the match. They are as follows:


how to spend pink f points evil dead

  • Increase your Melee attack speed and deal more damage.
  • Boost the damage inflicted by Ranged attacks and reduce the time you take for reloading your weapon.
  • Increase the max Health of your character.
  • Manage Fear level and keep it low because if you don’t, you risk getting possessed by the Demon.
  • Boost your Stamina which will help you navigate the surroundings better and faster.
  • If you put the points in Shield, it will not only increase your Shield bars but you also get to use more Amulets.

Can you Change the Allotted Pink F Points?


Unfortunately, no, once you allot a point to melee, ranged, health, fear, stamina or shield, it’s done. So, take a moment and add it when you’re sure. You can respec characters though, and we will address this in another guide.

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