Evil Dead Game: How To Complete Mission 4

Stuck on Mission 4 in Evil Dead The Game and can't complete it? This guide will give you all the steps to help get through it.

Evil Dead The Game has kept its missions fresh for the players especially when you try to complete Mission 4. The first two missions are easy, the mission 3 required you to eliminate all deadites within a time limit. You might be thinking the time limit stage is over, what is next? Now is the time for stealth. If you are a fan of stealthy games, you should love this mission. So in this guide let us check how to complete Chapter 4 “It’s Not Gonna Let us go” of Evil Dead The Game (EDTG).

How to Complete Mission 4 of Evil Dead The Game

evil dead the game how to complete chapter 4

In the fourth chapter, You play the role of Pablo and basically have to find the hand of Ash which will then lead you to him. Ash will ask you to collect gas for the car so that you can escape. This was just the basic synopsis of how you can complete the mission. You can finish this mission really quickly if you go for a stealthy approach. So it is highly recommended you avoid getting into fights as much as possible. Now, let us check the exact steps for getting through this chapter.

  1. The mission starts near a house. Search it and collect the supplies that you need. You will find things like a revolver, ammo, shemps cola, and more here.
  2. Once you are done stocking yourself with supplies head to the car.
  3. Get into the car and reach the first exclamation mark. Here you will find many deadites, they are of low health so you can take care of them easily.
  4. Go to the exclamation mark and you will get a transition screen, here grab the necessities that you need, then leave for the next exclamation point.
  5. Again, eliminate the horde of deadites and reach the objective point.
  6. Before entering the house you will have to fight another set of enemies, these will explode when not eliminated using a finisher. So you can either use finisher on them or get away from them on your last hit to avoid getting hit by the explosion.
  7. Go into the house to collect the artifact and any resources that you might need.
  8. You will now get a transition screen that tells you to find Ash’s hand.
  9. Go to this new point of interest. This is the house where the stealth comes in. Grab the rare machete from this house and head to the location of the hand.
  10. The house with the hand has a ton of resources for you. Grab everything that you need before picking up the hand.
  11. When you pick up the hand you will get a transition screen that says it will not cooperate and it will escape.
  12. Now go to the new location of the hand.
  13. While on the way to get the hand the second time a new deadite will attack you that has the ability to split itself into two. The goal is to look for the real one as the duplicate can’t split itself.
  14. Defeat it and then continue to the location of the hand.
  15. The next house also has a ton of resources, grab what you need then collect the hand.
  16. This time you get a transition screen that says the hand shows you the location of Ash.
  17. Head to the location of Ash and use stealth whenever the game gives you the option to.
  18. You will find Ash on the ground of a general store-like area. The game will give you another transition screen where Ash tells you that there is a car outside but it is out of gas. Hence, your next objective is to collect gas in order to escape.
  19. Next, go to the first red marker and pick up the gas. You can avoid fights with deadites if you can stay out of their line of sight and don’t fight them.
  20. The marker is in an area that looks like a junkyard. Tread the area slowly and avoid all enemies. When done correctly you should collect the gas without being noticed.
  21. Next, go to the second area where the gas is located and collect it.
  22. Finally, go and pick up the third and last gas canister.
  23. Once you collect it, it will trigger a mini-boss fight. You can easily defeat it with the following tips.
    1. This enemy can teleport and throw projectiles. Stick close to the barrels of oil and rotate around them. This will not only protect you but can also allow you to lure it closer to you.
    2. Once the enemy is up close use a melee weapon to attack it. You can also aim it with a ranged weapon and shoot at its head.
    3. Deplete its health and progress to the car.
  24. You can get to your car directly without getting into any fights.
  25. Finally, when in the car drive to the last objective point and you will complete the mission.

That covers this guide on how to complete Chapter 4 “It’s Not Gonna Let us go” of Evil Dead The Game. For more help with this game be sure to check out our other Evil Dead The Game guides.