Evil Dead The Game – How To Complete Mission 2?

Learn how to complete Mission 2 in Evil Dead The Game from this guide.

Evil Dead The Game returns after its 2005 release. This is a Survival horror game based on the iconic Evil Dead franchise. There are several Missions you have to complete to experience the whole story of the game. We have seen how you can complete the first mission in our previous guide. So in this guide, I will show you how to complete Mission 2 in Evil Dead The Game.

How to Complete Mission 2 in Evil Dead The Game

complete mission 2 evil dead

The Mission 2 of Evil Dead The Game takes place right after the first Mission. In Mission 2, Party Down!, the game Fear becomes a major problem so make sure to carry items that can reduce it. Here is how you complete Mission 2 of Evil Dead The Game.

  • Between Shockley Auto & Royal Oak Cemetery, there will be a house.
  • Enter it and loot everything you can get from the Shovel & Boomstick to the rest of the Supplies.
  • Now get out of the house and collect the Wiseman’s brew & the Matchsticks. This is the first of 5 Brews that you will have to collect.
  • To deal with Deadites, you will want to perform a Light attack, a Special attack, followed by a Light attack, & then finally a Special attack with the Shovel.
  • Now head towards the Quest Marker at Dead End.
  • These are the tougher ones to beat so readily up that Shotgun.
  • As you get there, just explore & wander the area. Clear out every Deadite you can find.
  • As you are roaming about, make sure to collect the Ammo & other loot you find.
  • Now at the Center of Dead End on a red truck, there will be a Wiseman’s Brew. As you collect it, you will trigger a Deadite swarm that will attack you.
  • Here is where you whip out your Shotgun and hail lead to the horde.
  • Once you are done with the Deadite swarm, you can loot the surrounding buildings for Supplies & heals like Shemps Cola.
  • Do be careful as there are portals in these buildings that trigger Deadite to spawn, an Ambush Trap if you will. Avoid them if you want or take them out.
  • The southeast house has a Chainsaw underneath the Staircase so if you want, you can equip it for a one-less combo attack to beat the Deadites.
  • Now it’s time to move out to the Graveyard, i.e. Royal Oak Cemetery.
  • Once you get there, do not grab the Wiseman’s Brew instantly as it will trigger the Deadite swarm.
  • First, loot the area and make sure you have carried enough Handgun Ammo as you will be using a Legendary Pistol in this fight.
  • Once you are ready, pick up the Wiseman’s Brew and begin your fight with the Deadites.
  • You will encounter a lot of Strong Deadites so be precise with your shots. Also, dodge when required.
  • As mentioned before, Fear creeps up a little faster here so do be mindful of your Fear status and ignite a Campfire.
  • The next Wiseman’s Brew is located in a field between Clara’s Pond & Harry’s Houses. Repeat the same steps as performed in the prior areas.
  • Always loot the area for Ammo & Supplies.
  • The last Wiseman’s Brew is at Shockley Auto.
  • There will be a strong Deadite behind the counter of the Auto.
  • Shoot it with your Pistol from the entrance of the Auto.
  • After defeating it, the last Brew is behind the counter, and Mission 2 of Evil Dead The Game ends here.
  • If you went to Shockley Auto to retrieve your 4th Wisemen’ Brew then the Mission ends here as well even though you have 4 Brews & not 5.

This was all about completing Mission 2 in Evil Dead The Game. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Completing Mission 1, Mission 3, Mission 4, & Mission 5 in Evil Dead The Game.