Evil Dead Game: How To Complete Mission 5

Unable to beat Mission 5 of Evil Dead The Game? This guide has all the tips you need to beat Evil Ash.

Ready to challenge Mission 5, the last chapter of Evil Dead The Game? Well if you are not, don’t worry we have your back. This mission will challenge everything you learned so far in the past missions. Remember unlike Mission 3 and Mission 4 of the game, this one is not going to be easy, as it should be considering it is the last level of the game. So in this guide let us check how to complete the last mission of the game Chapter 5 “Homecoming King” in Evil Dead The Game (EDTG) & how to beat Evil Ash.

How to Complete Mission 5 of Evil Dead The Game

how to complete mission 5 of evil dead the game and beat evil ash

In order to complete Chapter 5 of the game, you have to defeat Evil Ash. He is the final boss and quite tough as you are confined in a small space during the entire fight. He will also summon deadites occasionally. To beat him chip away his health, and take care of the deadites as soon as they are spawned. Keep doing this and you will defeat him. Let us check the entire steps for getting to him and learn some tips for beating Evil Ash.

  1. When the mission starts explore the cabin & the house near the car and grab everything you need. From the cabin take the Crossbow and amulet. In the house, below you can get an Amulet, and a Shovel grab them as they are important.
  2. Once you have everything you need, go to the vehicle and reach the objective marker.
  3. Grab the Kandarian dagger and run back to your car. There will be deadites that try to attack you while you escape, try avoiding fights with them and eliminate the ones that you absolutely need to.
  4. Once in the vehicle, head straight to the Knowby cabin and get the Necronomicon. Use your vehicle to mow down any deadites that come in your way.
  5. When you get to the cabin, grab the Necronomicon. This will lock you in the area and spawn deadites. Eliminate all the enemies to progress. Use your Shovel when you have no choice. Try creating distance between you and the deadites and shoot them in their heads using the crossbow.
  6. After defeating the enemies head to the Sewage treatment plant. Grab the Legendary crossbow and ammo from here.
  7. Take the car and go to the rift in space and time.
  8. Survive fighting Evil Ash for a minute. This fight takes place in an area that is quite enclosed so it is better if you could bring in some enemies down with you. This will allow you to ignore Evil Ash, and fight them instead, while you wait for the timer to end. These deadites will come in handy as Evil Ash has the ability to grab and drain your HP. So if you are using your finishers on the deadites, Evil Ash has fewer chances of grabbing you.
  9. Once the one minute is over you will get a transition screen that tells you about how you need the Lord Arthur’s Fabled sword without which you cannot defeat Evil Ash.
  10. Get out and head to the nearest car.
  11. Take this car to the Payne Manor. Now, eliminate all deadites with the red glow. Refer to the map for their precise location.
  12. Grab Arthur’s Fabled sword and head to the next objective point. It is highly advised you use the car to get to the next checkpoint as it will not only save you time but also allow you to avoid deadites. This will also save you some consumables as you won’t be getting into any fights.
  13. Use the portal and head to the area marked on the map.
  14. Enter the room and you will see a transition screen that shows you that you will have to fight Pit Deadite.
  15. Fighting Pit Deadite is quite simple and annoying, run away from it to create distance. Then use the crossbow and shoot him in his head.
  16. The lesser damage you can take in this fight the better, as it will help save consumables for the final fight.
  17. Repeat the process of attacking it with the crossbow. If he gets too close then use your sword. Using heavy attacks is better in this fight.
  18. When you defeat him you will get a transition screen that informs you of the final fight with Evil Ash.
  19. Deplete his health and you will complete the Mission 5 of EDTG.

Tips to defeat Evil Ash

Evil Ash mainly uses his lift and life drain attack. Other than that during the rest of his fight, he either mocks the player or summons some low-health deadites.

  • Remember to use Amulets and Cola: The entire progress will be for naught if you die mid-fight. Keep an eye on your health bar and shield and use the Amulets and Cola whenever you get the chance and are low on them. A single amulet can take the entire damage of its life drain attack.
  • Use Heavy Attacks: Using heavy attacks from your sword can deal a lot of damage when compared to light attacks.
  • Aim for the head: The most damage you can deal while using a crossbow is when you hit him on his head.

These are some of the most basic tips but the ones that can help you defeat him.

That covers this guide on how to complete Chapter 5 of Evil Dead The Game (EDTG) and tips to beat Evil Ash. Now that you have completed the game why not play Survivor vs Demon. Check out our guide to learn how to level up & get skill points in it. And for other help with this game check out our Evil Dead The Game section.