Evil Dead The Game – How To Complete Mission 1?

Learn how to complete Mission 1 in Evil Dead The Game from this guide.

Evil Dead The Game returns after its 2005 release. This is a Survival horror game based on the iconic Evil Dead franchise. Evil Dead The Game blends Co-op & PvE into one seamless game and as such, opens up to a lot of Players. As for the PvE part, there are several Missions you have to complete to experience the whole story of the game. There are 5 Missions in total which goes from Mission 1 to Mission 5. In this guide, I will show you how to complete Mission 1 in Evil Dead The Game.

How to Complete Mission 1 in Evil Dead The Game

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To complete Mission 1 of Evil Dead The Game, you will have to defeat Henrietta Knowby. She used to be the wife of Professor Raymond Knowby and the mother of Annie Knowby. Now a Deadite, she is the Boss to defeat to progress in the game. Here is how you complete Mission 1 of Evil Dead The Game.

  • As Mission 1 starts, you will want to get all of the loot from the Starting Area in Knowby Cabin.
  • From Knowby Cabin, head towards Circus Cages. It is in the westward direction.
  • If you have walked from Knowby Cabin to Circus Cages in a straight path, it will lead you to a Supply Crate.
  • Loot it to get extra heals & an Amulet.
  • As you are exploring Circus Cages, there will be some Ambush Traps that Deadites pop out. If you can dodge & deal with them then it’s fine but if not you can take a hit and then finish them off.
  • The Best way of dealing with Deadites is by performing 2 Light attacks, a Special attack, & then a Light attack with the Chainsaw.
  • Make sure to loot every area in Circus Cages to get an advantage against Henrietta.
  • Now from Circus Cages, go towards Lucky Valley Lodge. There will be more Heals and from there, head towards the Quest marker.
  • A tip to be used is that when dealing with multiple Deadites or a Stronger Deadite, use your Shotgun. Your Chainsaw is best for close combat so dealing with one of them from afar is beneficial.
  • Now you should be at Bronson Cave. There will be a Mini-Boss here, the Strong Deadite as mentioned above.
  • He is slow & lumbers around so attacking will be fairly easy. Just note that his charge attacks can wrap around corners so always be ready with your Dodge Button.
  • Before you can engage with him, make sure to scavenge the surroundings for more loot that will help you with the fight.
  • Throughout the Mission, you get some Amulets. Make sure to save up at least one of them for the Henrietta Fight.
  • Now head towards the main entrance and jump off the side of the bridge to avoid the Evil Trees.
  • If your Fear meter gets full, you will automatically fail the mission. So make sure to light up a campfire to reduce the Fear bar.
  • Now head towards the next Quest marker which will lead you back to Circus Cages.
  • Since you have already cleared the place, it should be easy to traverse here.
  • In the Shack of Circus Cages, there will be a Shovel.
  • Upon picking it will spawn a purple Chainsaw in the Courtyard surrounded by Deadites.
  • This will make dealing with basic Deadites a bit easier.
  • After retrieving it, head to the next Quest marker.
  • This Quest marker will lead you to Linda’s Grave which will be infested with Deadites.
  • There will also be another Mini-Boss so take care of him in a similar manner as the one before.
  • After killing him, head towards the next Quest marker.
  • You will reach Payne Manor, here you will be able to collect Loot but you will have to clear it out as there will be a few Deadites lurking here.
  • In Payne Manor, go upstairs as there will be a Legendary Chainsaw as well as a Legendary Shotgun.
  • After looting the Manor, you will see another Quest marker. This one will lead you to your battle with Henrietta.
  • Before the battle starts, make sure to use the Amulet & heal up if required.
  • Henrietta will have another Deadite to aid her, deal with him and you will be able to fight with Henrietta after that.
  • There is a move Henrietta does that is nearly unavoidable. Your best bet is to use your Shotgun as much as you can.
  • If you ever get to half health, heal up as it’s better not to risk the off chance of dying early.
  • Once the battle is done, place Linda’s head in the vise, and Mission 1 in Evil Dead The Game will be completed.

This was all about completing Mission 1 in Evil Dead The Game. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Completing Mission 3, Mission 4, & Mission 5 in Evil Dead The Game.