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Evil Dead Game: How To Respec Characters

Ended up using all your skill points but now have a different playstyle? Worry not you can still respec your character in Evil Dead The Game.

Having the knowledge to respec your characters in Evil Dead the Game can be very useful. There are quite a number of survivors and demons this game offers you to play as. Thus this opens up the possibilities for multiple playstyles and different builds. And unlike most games, this game allows you to respec your characters as many times as you like without using any item. So in this guide let us check how to respec your characters in Evil Dead the Game (EDTG).

How to Respec Characters in Evil Dead The Game


evil dead the game edtg respec characters

There are two ways to respec characters in this game.

  • Resetting all Skill Points. You can do this by pressing the L2 button.
  • By Removing a Skill Point. Press the Square button for it.


Let us learn about both.

Resetting all Skill Points in Evil Dead The Game

resetting all skill points


Resetting skill points will give you back all the skill points you have for that character. This is great when you want to try a new build. It also saves you time from manually removing a single skill point from each skill that you might not need. You can do that by:

  1. Click on the collection button from the main menu.
  2. Here choose the character that you wish to respec.
  3. Press the LT or L2 button on your controller to reset the skills.

Once reset, you can start allocating skills and building a new skill tree.


Removing a Skill Point

removing a skill point

Removing a single skill point has a benefit to it. And that advantage is when you want to optimize your build. Let’s say you already have a decent build that you are quite happy with but just want to tweak it a bit. Then this option is ideal.

  1. Choose the character that you want to respec from the Collection tab on the main menu.
  2. Highlight the skill that you no longer need and want to remove a point from.
  3. Here press the X button on your Xbox Controller. PlayStation players can do the same by pressing the Square button.
  4. Now, assign the point you received to another skill of your choice.

Important Note: While you can respec skill points, you cannot respec Spirit Points. Hence it is highly recommended you spend your Spirit Points on characters that you like and see yourself using.

That covers this guide on how to respec characters in Evil Dead the Game. Now that you know how to respec why not try some of the best builds for Ash Williams, as he is one of the most popular characters in this game.