Fall Guys: How To Win Final Rounds

Here's the killer strategy to win final rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Altogether there are 20 different rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, that can keep a player guessing which round they are going to face next. These rounds are selected randomly. But when it comes to the final round, there are three rounds that a player might face. We will walk you through all the three games and guide you on how to win each of them. This guide will help you win final rounds in Fall Guys, whichever round you face, and become the ultimate champion.

The three rounds that Fall Guys have to throw at your disposal in the final round are Hex-A-Gone, Fall Mountain, and Royal Fumble. Here’s how you can win all these final rounds.

How to Win Hex-A-Gone

This mini-game does not only require running and diving, it requires calmness as well. Each player starts on a honeycomb-shaped hexagon. As soon as someone touches one of the tiles of the honeycomb, the tile disappears leaving blank spaces. You need to be the last one to fall to win this game. Instead of running across the honeycomb to avoid falling, it is advisable to hop from one level of the hexagon to another.

If you fall to the lowest level among the first few players, there’s no need to worry. Instead, you can use it to your advantage. You will have the chance to run across the field and leave some open spaces for those who follow to fall down.

How to Win Fall Mountain

The concept of Fall Mountain is simple. All you need to do is run through a course of obstacles and reach the top of the mountain before anyone else does. Just one thing to remember here is that you should grab the crown as soon as it is within your reach or else someone else might. Another thing you can do in this round is to try and increase your velocity. Although you cannot run in Fall Guys, there are tricks that can help you increase your speed.

The Fall Mountain path has four obstacles that you need to clear to get to the crown and win Fall Guys. The first obstacle in the path are the spinners. There are two ways to head forward and the game releases spinners to hold you back in the run. Fortunately, the first set of spinners always lands on the same location. If you have taken the left path, go to the right side of the spinners. Reversely, if you have taken the right path, go to the left of the spinners.

The second obstacle are the walls. The best thing to do here is to stay close to the walls. This will allow you to quickly changes sides with minimal time loss. For the Diamond obstacles that comes next, always stay behind the pink diamond-shaped objects. For the last obstacle, which is the spinning hammers, always go in complement with the rotation. This will not only help you avoid getting hit, but also at times give you a speed boost when hit by the hammers. Finally when you see the crown hold it for victory.

How to Win Royal Fumble

The concept of Royal Fumble is similar to that of Tail Tag. The player with the tail at the end of the round wins the crown. If you have got the tail, you need to be really quick in jumping and diving to avoid losing it. If you don’t have the tail with you, try to go for it towards the end of the round. That’s because when there are only a few seconds left, chances are high that you can retain the tail and become the ultimate champion. You will always have to keep on the move to avoid getting your tail snatched. Always remember that diving will help but only at the last moment, when there is no time to move elsewhere, for other times you should try being on two foot.

That’s how you can easily win final rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This list will help you win the final rounds, but to reach there you need to win other mini-games before that. You can read our guides on how to throw eggs to win Egg Scramble or how to beat slime climb in Fall Guys. These other guides will help you reach the final round where you can put all you read in this guide to test.