How To Easily Throw Eggs In Fall Guys

How To Throw Eggs In Fall Guys And Win Egg Scramble

Mini-games in Fall Guys hold a lot of importance. A small number of points or a small fraction of time in these mini-games can cause your elimination. One such mini-game is the Egg Scramble. In Egg Scramble you have to collect as many eggs as possible. You can also steal eggs from other teams and defend yours. This guide will help you learn how to throw eggs in Fall Guys easily and save a lot of time and get extra points.

Fall Guys: How to Win Egg Scramble

There are a few tactics in Egg Scramble that can help you get ahead of other teams. One of these tactics is to throw eggs. If you can learn this trick, you can save yourself the effort of going close to the nest every time. Once you are close enough to the nest, simply aim and throw eggs in it to score points.

Unfortunately, there is no specific button to throw eggs in Fall Guys. However, by pressing a combo of buttons in quick succession, your Fall guy can throw eggs. All you need to do is this: When you have the egg and you are close to your nest, jump, dive, and release the egg to throw it. Make sure that you press these buttons in the aforementioned sequence, or else it might not work. Following are the button combinations that you need to press on different platforms:

  • PC – Space Bar (jump), Ctrl (dive), Shift (release)
  • PS4 – X (jump), Square (dive), R2 (release)

That’s how you throw eggs in Fall Guys and save yourself and your team a lot of time. Don’t forget to read our other Fall Guys tips and tricks guides such as how to get the Fall Throttle Trophy and what to do with Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout servers down.