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Fall Guys: How To Get Fall Throttle Trophy Easily?

Reach terminal velocity and get the Fall Throttle Achievement fast.

Consistent speed is what is required in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. You don’t want to be too slow or too fast in this game. Because if you’re too slow, you can end up losing and if you’re too fast, your Fall Guy can lose balance. However, to get the Fall Throttle Trophy in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, you will have to break this rule and go at the terminal velocity. But if you don’t know a few tricks, you cannot reach the top speed. Don’t worry, we will help you in this guide on how to reach the terminal velocity to get the Fall throttle Trophy in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Fall Throttle Achievement: How To Reach Terminal Velocity


The Ultimate Fall Guy Trophy is achieved after getting all the other trophies, one of them being Fall Throttle. It is not possible to reach maximum velocity on your own but that’s where obstacles such as windmills, beams, and launchpads come into the picture. Bumping into these obstacles can increase the pace of a Fall Guy and help it gain maximum velocity.

There are a few levels with plenty of windmills and launchpads that are your best shot to get the Fall Throttle Trophy. One such level is the Whirlygig level. Your idea should be to hit the obstacles at an angle that does not lead to a fall.

It is likely that a Fall Guy will get misbalanced when it hits an obstacle and you might fall back from others in the race. Hence, it is advisable to avoid thinking about qualifying for the race when you are trying to get the Fall Throttle Trophy. Or if you manage to be ahead of others till the midway, then you might end up getting both.


That’s the trick to obtain the Fall Throttle Trophy in Fall Guys: Ultimate Battle and get a step closer to the Ultimate Fall Guy Trophy. But Fall Throttle is not the only trophy to worry about, collecting all the other trophies, such as the Fall Bae Trophy, is as important to get the Ultimate Fall Guy Trophy.