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Fall Guys Fall Bae Trophy: How To Hug Someone

If you want to know how to share a hug with a Fall Guy and earn the Fall Bae Trophy, read this guide to learn how to hug in this game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is packed with some intense competition involving grabbing opponents and pulling them behind, diving, jumping etc. But did you know that you can lovingly share a hug with a Fall Guy too? As the cherry on the cake, doing this will earn you the Fall Guys Fall Bae Trophy. Find out how to get this achievement right away.

Fall Guys: How To Share A Hug With A Fall Guy

In order to hug someone in Fall Guys, you have to hold out your arms using the same button you would use to grab someone. So, you need to hold the R2 button for PS4 and Shift button on PC. Now, to make the hug happen, you need another player in the game to put out their arms and grab you at the same time. And that’s how to hug in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. What a wonderful way to make a cute game even more adorable! It’s  a treat to watch the jelly beans falling everywhere, and now we get to see them hugging too?! Sweet.

During a game, though, most players will be focused on completing the objective or reaching the finishing line, so there’s a low chance of getting a hug. You will see some other players extending their arms towards you, but it will be to ensure that you fall behind, unfortunately.

But if you really want to do this and don’t find another player with the same loving intentions, join the lobby with a friend. This is the best way to earn the Fall Bae trophy (bronze) on PS4 and PC. There is no cross-play in the game as of the time of writing, so only friends on the same platform can join the lobby with you.

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