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How To Get Crowns In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

In this Crown guide, you will learn the ways to grab Crowns in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Fall Guys features a colorful world of jelly beans that are competing with each other to be the last jelly bean standing. Apart from the engaging gameplay, this game also has various cosmetic options that you can use to customize your character. The Fall Guys item shop is where you can buy stuff but how to do it? Well, you need Crowns in Fall Guys to purchase certain items. If you want to know how to get Crowns, this guide will help you out.

Fall Guys Crown Guide: How To Earn Crowns?


To earn a crown for yourself, you have to defeat everyone else and emerge as the ultimate winner of the game. The mini-games keep changing every time so you need to use all the tactics you have up your sleeve (like grabbing your opponents). But of course, this depends on a lot of things, including luck, which makes it a rare thing to earn. Plus, there are cooperative mini-games as well which means that your overall team needs to be good too.

But there’s another way to get a Crown in Fall Guys and that is through the Season 1 Battle Pass. When you are at rank 5, rank 20 and rank 32 of the Battle Pass, you will get one Crown. Just keep playing Fall Guys (it won’t be tough to do because it is so addictive) and level up your Pass. As you keep progressing, you shorten the distance between you and your coveted Crown. The Fall Guys Season 1 Battle Pass has 40 ranks or levels so you have to play consistently to keep leveling up.

With this in-game currency, you can unlock various items/cosmetics using which you can make your character look even more adorable. You have outfits, patterns, colors, faceplates, theatrics and Kudos that you can unlock as rewards. Some cosmetics cost 5 Crowns so that’s the amount of games you have to win. It’s tough but if you keep mastering your skills, it won’t be impossible.


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