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Fall Guys: How To Get Crown Shards

Wondering how to get Crown Shards in Fall Guys, check out this guide.

Epic Games recently acquired publishing rights for Fall Guys and launched it for free. While the game was trending during the pandemic, it regained its previous attractions. With old players returning, there are quite a lot of new players now on the servers of the game. Since you are here, you are looking for a way to get Crown Shards in Fall Guys. You won’t have to look further as this guide has all you need.


How to Get Crown Shards in Fall Guys

Fall Guys Get Crown Shards

Introduced in Season 4, while Crown Shards are not exactly a currency, they are vital to get Crowns. Crowns are in-game currencies of Fall Guys and are used to purchase Legendary and Epic cosmetics. Each Crown can be made from 60 Crown Shards. There are a few ways to earn Crown Shards and you can check the two effective methods below.

Fall Guys Challenges

Challenges update daily, monthly, and weekly. The marathon challenge tab pays the most Crown Shards. The challenges in this tab are divided into different sections and you can earn the Shards depending on the section you complete. The sections ranging from high to low are:

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common

Show Selector Fall Guys

How to Check for Crown Shards in Fall Guys

Right above the Play button, you can find the Show Selector. While you can select different games from the show selector, each game has different rewards available. At the time of writing, Spartan Showdown is one of the best ways to get Crown Shards in Fall Guys.


It is the easier one among the game modes and once you get your hands set in the blast ball at the end, you will level up quite fast. The other game modes that offer Crown Shards as rewards can also be played.

Additionally, you can check your Crown Shards quantity from the Show Selector. You will find the number on the top right of your screen.


That’s all you need from this guide. While you are here, make sure you check out our Fall Guys guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.