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Fall Guys Season 4: Crown Shards Guide

Here's how to get Crown Shards in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout to create your Crown in Season 4.

It’s time to get retro futuristic in Fall Guys Season 4! With new games, features and new skins, there’s a lot to do in this brand new season. There’s also a new currency that is available which is the Crown Shard. If you want to know more about it and how to earn Crown Shards in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, keep reading this guide.

How to Get Crown Shards in Fall Guys Quickly


You can earn Crown Shards in Fall Guys 4041 by completing Daily Challenges (around 12 Crown Shards) and winning Squad Show matches (one game gives you 20 Crown Shards). To combine these shards and make a shiny Crown, you need to collect 60 Crown Shards. So focus on Squad Show matches to get Crown Shards FAST.

In a Squads show, it’s all about team work and when your team wins, you get Crown Shards easily. On the other hand, for the Daily Challenges, you have to log in every day to see which Challenges you’ve got. You can earn lots of Fame and Crown Shards through this. Note that even if you get eliminated in a round but your squad qualifies, you come back from the dead in the next show.

How to Check how many Crown Shards you’ve earned?


How to Get Crown Shards in Fall Guys

You can keep an eye on how many Crown Shards you’ve earned and how many are left on the Show Selector screen.

Apart from this, there are a lot of new changes in this new season which seems to have breathed a new life into this game. The number of active players on Fall Guys Steam charts has increased which shows that this game is not yet dead. In fact, with the huge content update that has arrived, players can find new round types. There’s Squad Race and Squad Survival as well as new rounds like Skyline Stumble, Hoverboard Heroes, Basketfall, Short Circuit, Power Trip, Big Shots and Roll On. You can check out the full patch notes for season 4 here.


That is everything on how to earn Crown Shards in Fall Guys Season 4 (4041).