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How To Get More Kudos In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Want to know how to get Kudos in Fall Guys easily? Here's a complete Kudos guide where we will explain all about it.

Kudos in Fall Guys is an in-game currency, just like Crowns, that you can use to buy cosmetics. These cosmetic items will make your jelly bean character look extra cute and quirky. If there’s a certain item in the item shop that you have your eyes on and it costs some Kudos, you have to know how to earn them. So, here’s how to get Kudos In Fall Guys.

Fall Guys Kudos Guide: How To Earn More Kudos?


When you play the mini-games and complete rounds in a game, you will be rewarded with Kudos. The better you play, the more you earn. Unlike Crowns, you don’t have to win the entire game to get them, so thankfully, they can be obtained in a much greater quantity.

That’s not all. You will get Kudos as you level up your Battle Pass too. This is the amount you will get at specific levels:

  • 500 at Rank 2
  • 1000 at Rank 10
  • 1500 at Rank 14
  • 2500 at Rank 18
  • 3500 at Rank 23
  • 4500 at Rank 29
  • 6000 at Rank 38


Upon completing the Battle Pass, you will get more than 19000 of them which is in stark contrast to how rare Crowns are in this game.

If this process is a bit too long for you, there’s another way to get Kudos and that’s by buying them! You can buy them with real money on the PlayStation or Steam Store, check out their prices here:

  • 12,500 Kudos for $4.99
  • 27,500 Kudos for $9.99
  • 78,000 Kudos for $24.99
  • 170,000 Kudos for $49.99


Hungry for MORE? Then you can get 10,000 of this currency by buying the Fall Guys Deluxe Edition.


How to Use Kudos


Once you have got your hands on a lot of in-game money, you can use it to purchase various items that can cost anything from 1000 to 3500 to even 8000 Kudos. The Featured items change every three days (and have rarer items) and the Regular ones change every 24 hours and have more common stuff. The cosmetics can be common, epic, rare, legendary etc. Their prices will differ as per the category they are in.

So that’s everything on how to get Kudos in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout easily and how to spend them too. To earn more Kudos, you will have to make sure that your opponents get left behind and you proceed towards victory. For that, our guide on how to grab opponents and pull them back will be useful.