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How To Run In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Is it possible to make your Fall Guy go Faster? Can you run or sprint in this game? Here's your answer.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has taken the gaming world by storm. Gamers are working hard to emerge victorious in the 60 player battle royale. One thing that can be said certainly is that almost every mini-game requires you to be faster than others to win. While all the beans in Fall Guys move at the same speed, players have been wondering whether they can run in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? Is there an option to sprint in the game? Find out here.

Is it Possible to Run in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?


There is no specific button that can help move your Fall Guy faster. But since gaming is all about tricks, there are ways to save yourself the time that can help you go a little farther.

There are different ways to achieve this in Fall Guys. For instance, you can use a combination of buttons to jump and dive simultaneously to give a boost to your Fall Guy. It all depends on the mini-game that you are in. Most of the time jumping and diving is the combination you should be looking for to increase your velocity.

While playing Egg Scramble, you have to collect eggs in your basket/nest. In such a scenario, you can throw eggs in your nest when you are close enough to save your team a LOT of time. You can throw eggs in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout by jumping, diving, and releasing the eggs in quick succession. On PC you can do this by pressing Space Bar + Ctrl + Shift and on PS4 you can do this with X + Square + R2.


When you are playing Whirlygig round, you can intentionally hit obstacles that can boost your speed to the maximum level. This will also help you grab the Fall Throttle Trophy.

While playing Tail Tag, you can dive suddenly when your opponents are closing in to hold your tail. Dive will make it challenging for them to get a hold.

Note that while most of the rounds in Fall Guys require speed, there are a few where going slow and steady would be better. Hence, you should determine the need for velocity and use the aforementioned tricks to increase your velocity in fall guys.


Mastering these techniques of jumping, diving, and tossing things won’t help you run in Fall Guys, but they will surely give your bean a boost to get ahead of your competitors. There are many such tricks and guides that will give you a competitive advantage in Fall Guys. You can read those Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout guides on GamerTweak.