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How To Dive In Fall Guys Easily: Tricks To Use Diving To Win

Want to know how to dive in Fall Guys and get an advantage in the competition? Find out all the tricks in this guide.

Taking a dive in Fall Guys is one of the mechanics that will take you far in the game. In this wacky twist on the battle royale genre, you have to beat lots of other players to emerge as the winner. Qualifying through multiple rounds isn’t easy but diving will give you a considerable advantage. But what are the controls to dive? Are there any tricks you can use with diving? Get all the answers you need in this quick guide on how to dive in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Fall Guys: How to Dive Easily


Here are the buttons you have to press in order to dive in Fall Guys. For PC, press the Control button and for PS4, press Square. It is super easy to do, the only thing that’s difficult is getting the timing right. If you miss the right time to dive, you might find yourself falling down into the abyss.

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The best places to dive in Fall Guys are gaps and moving poles where you need to jump to move ahead. Additionally, using a combination of jumping and diving will give you great results, especially at times when you need to get to the top of a platform. As you know, every quick decision counts towards your qualification or elimination. Diving could be the move that gives you the upper hand over other players and even give you a Crown.


You can also use this mechanic to annoy other players, just like the grabbing tactic. Simply use it to either delay someone’s movement or throw them off a ledge or a spinning pole. Apart from this, you can give yourself some speed by jumping and diving, so if you are almost near the finish line, go ahead and dive! It could give you the little boost you need to qualify.

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