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Fall Guys Minigames List: How Many Mini Games Are There?

Want to know the full Fall Guys Minigame list? How many minigames are there in this game? Find out in this guide.

Fall Guys is turning out to be smash-hit game due to its concept of conquering minigames and becoming the only winner out of 60 players. It’s live right now on PS4 and PC and players around the world are hooked! The mini-games that you get to play are chosen at random, some are competitive and some require you to play as a team. But how many mini games are there in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? Here’s the Fall Guys Minigames list along with a short description of the games.

Fall Guys Minigames Guide: How Many Mini Games Does It Have?


There are 25 minigames that are based on survival, racing to the finish line and working together as a team. Check the Fall Guys Minigames list below:

Racing – Fall Guys Mini Games

  • Dizzy Heights: Make sure to dodge all the obstacles and reach the finish line. The moving platforms can be a blessing or a curse.
  • Hit Parade: You will encounter various yellow cylinders, revolving doors and swinging pendulums that you must pass through to reach the finish line.
  • Tip Toe: In this mini game, you have to avoid the fake tiles and discover the hidden path to the finish line.
  • See Saw: This minigame features tilting seesaws. Players need to work together to avoid falling.
  • Door Dash: As the name suggests, dash through doors to the finish line. There will be some fake doors on the way too.
  • Fruit Chute: All you have to do is dodge the fruits that are flying towards you and reach the finish line which is on an incline with a conveyor belt on it.
  • The Whirlygig: Everything spins in this minigame and players have to make the right decisions like jumping and diving to reach the end of the race.
  • Slime Climb: One of the toughest obstacle courses. Here, players have to dodge multiple dangers, jump over platforms and avoid slipping on the slime.
  • Gate Crash: To reach the finish line, you have to avoid or jump over the panels that move up and down.


Survive till the end

  • Jump Club: Players need to jump over the beam that is spinning and try not to fall into the slime underneath.
  • Tail Tag: Make sure that you have a tail when the timer ends. If you don’t have one, take it from an opponent. If you already have one then protect it.
  • Roll Out: Stay alive by constantly changing your location and moving from one rotating platform to another.
  • Perfect Match: It’s a survival game with a memorization element. You have to remember the location of fruits on the tiles and when a particular fruit is shown on the screen, move to that exact fruit tile.
  • Block Party: The rules are simple – avoid the walls and make sure to stay on the platform.
  • Jump Showdown: It’s the newest addition to the list of mini-games. You have to jump over a pole that keeps rotating. Some parts of the platform will fall off so things get trickier in this one.

Cooperate with your team


  • Egg Scramble: Pick up eggs and put it in your team’s nest. Our guide on how to throw eggs easily will help you out.
  • Rock n’ Roll: In this game, you need to work with your team to push the huge ball to the finish line first.
  • Hoopsie Daisy: Using the jump and dive mechanics, you can pass through hoops and get points. The hoops also switch locations sometimes.
  • Fall Ball: Like soccer, this game involves scoring goals by getting the balls in your enemy team’s goal.
  • Hoarders: Hoard balls in your team’s area by collecting them and earn points.
  • Team Tail Tag: It is just like Tail Tag but with a team.
  • Jinxed: This minigame is all about grabbing the opponent and Jinxing them. The first team that gets Jinxed entirely loses.

Final Round Minigames

And finally, these are the games you will get when you reach the very end.


  • Fall Mountain: Your goal is to reach the very top of the Fall Mountain and then grab the crown first. There will be falling boulders, rotating hammers and more obstacles blocking your way.
  • Royal Fumble: Only one Fall Guy can have the tail and if you are the one who has it when the timer ends, you will be the winner.
  • Hex-A-Gone: You need to keep moving as more and more hexagonal tiles keep falling away. Stay alive till the end by not falling into the slime.

That’s the complete Fall Guys Minigames list as of the time of writing. More games might be added as the game gets more and more popular. Are you playing this game? Then you will get a huge help by reading our Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout guides.