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How To Beat Slime Climb In Fall Guys: Tips To Win Slime Climb

Slime Climb is one of the toughest obstacle courses in Fall Guys. Want to know how to beat it easily? Read the tips and tricks in our guide on how to win Slime Climb.

Slime Climb in Fall Guys is one of those mini-games which can make you feel frustrated when you lose. The goal is to outrun the slime and reach the end and it is one of the toughest obstacle courses that you will encounter. Many players aren’t sure of the tricks they can use to beat it but look no further. This guide will explain how to beat Slime Climb in Fall Guys easily.

How to Win Slime Climb in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


These are some tips to master and win Slime Climb in Fall Guys and qualify for the next round.

In the first part, you will see a yellow (and bouncy) triangular platform on your way. Make sure to jump on it and take a shortcut. But while doing this, you must also avoid the pusher right in front of you so if you manage to do that, you can get ahead easily.

To dodge the falling boulders, keep right and after that, use jump + dive to reach the first pusher.


During the phase of conveyor belts, you need to move diagonally while avoiding the poles in between. Keep moving towards in the opposite direction of the conveyor belts and stay to the right.

Next, dodging the rotating hammers should be easy but just be careful of the slippery slime under you. In this case also, stay to the right.

In the final section of the game, it will be all about timing and dodging the swinging pendulums. If you have managed to do all the previous steps correctly and quickly, chances are that you will be alone in this phase, giving you a lot of space to move around. If you get hit by one of these pendulums at such a later part of the race, all your effort will be wasted. So, wait for the right time and proceed again.


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But even all of this cannot guarantee your success if an opponent is waiting to grab and throw you off the platform right before the finish line. This unfortunate (but funny) incident happened with Twitter user @LightSkinYagami.


We sure hope that your opponents in the minigame aren’t this mean. This concludes our guide on how to win Slime Climb in Fall Guys but we have lots more on GamerTweak. Head over to our guides on how to throw eggs, how to get Kudos and how to get Crowns.