Where To Find Polymer In Starfield

Polymer is a high-value resource and is extremely hard to find in Starfield. Check out this guide to learn where you can find it.

Polymer in Starfield is used for Crafting and is exclusive considering, you will not encounter it that often while exploring. It is essential for you to keep upgrading your weapons by farming for different resources throughout your travels across planets and systems. Polymer is a Level Three Exotic Organic resource and is used for crafting weapons and armor. You might be left scavenging for hours and realize you can’t just obtain it by simply mining rocks. Here is where you can find out how to successfully find and farm it.

Where to find Polymer in Starfield?

How To Get Polymer in Starfield

Purchasing it from Vendors

  1. Polymer can be purchased from vendors and one of the main places you can buy them from is Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis.
  2. Once you enter the building you will see Amoli behind the front desk. Tell her “I’d like to see what you have for sale”.
  3. She will tell you to take a look, you can then select Resources and search for Polymer.
  4. You can then select the amount you want to purchase and the Total Cost will be mentioned below.
  5. Other than Jemison, you can also find it in Sieghart’s Outfitters on Neon and UC Exchange on Mars.
  6. It is relatively cheap to buy it, it costs around 17 – 20 credits per unit.

Farming Polymer in Starfield

  • You can easily harvest it from Alpha Ternion, Beta Ternion Proxima, Ternion Systems, and even the Muphrid System in Starfield.
  • The Ternion locations are abundant in resources, especially when it comes to Polymer.
  • While Scanning the planets, You will have to look for a plant called ‘Spitting Pokeweed’ which is rich in the resource you are looking for.
  • Regarding Fauna, you will find it in a bug named ‘Flocking Leafbug Filterer’. It is necessary to remember that this bug is Territorial so if you get too close it will attack you in defense.
  • At Muphrid 4, to find this resource, you will have to look for ‘Clawback Herbivore’. 

This is everything you need to know about how and where you can get Polymer in Starfield. You can also learn how to farm Nickel and Aluminium, right here on Gamer Tweak