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How To Get Nickel In Starfield (All Planets Location)

We will show you where to find the Nickel resources needed to make weapons, armor, and other mods in Starfield.

Nickel is an essential resource for making weapon and armor mods in Starfield. Since it forms small silvery-gray rocks scattered across various planets and moons, you’ll need to carefully scan your surroundings with detection tools such as scanners and scopes to locate Nickel deposits. But don’t worry, we’ll cover the locations and how to get Nickel in Starfield.

Where to Find Nickel in Starfield

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Planet Mining

Many planets in Starfield will list Nickel as one of their resources. To find Nickel on a planet:

  1. Simply scan the planet from space to view its resources.
  2. Look for planets that list Nickel.
  3. Land your ship on the planet near where nickel deposits appear on the map.

These areas will be color-coded. Once found, mine the nickel deposit using a mining tool like Helen’s Cutter.

Here are all the planets that may contain Nickel in Starfield;

Planets Star System
Ka’zaal Nirah
Niira Narion
Akila Cheyenne
Venus Sol
Vectera Narion
Masada III Masada
Bondar Alpha Centauri
Hawley Alpha Centauri
Zamka Alpha Centauri
Voss Alpha Centauri
Lovell Alpha Centauri
Mimas Sol
Oberon Sol
Triton Sol
Montara Luna Cheyenne
Polvo Valo
Virum Valo
Dionysus Olympus
Procyon IV Procyon A
Skink Cheyenne
Bindi Cheyenne
Procyon II Procyon A
Procyon V-a Procyon A
Procyon V-b Procyon A
Procyon VI-c Procyon A
Belwah Cheyenne
Bismark Cheyenne
Stellis A Cheyenne
Stellis C Cheyenne
Stellis D Cheyenne
Porrima IV-d Porrima
Mithras Olympus
Tau Ceti I Tau Ceti
Tau Ceti V Tau Ceti
Tau Ceti VIII-d Tau Ceti
Charybdis IV Charybdis
Charybdis VI Charybdis
Charybdis VII-d Charybdis
Masada IV Masada
Masada V-a Masada
Masada V-b Masada
Masada V-c Masada

Buy From Vendors and Check Loot

In addition to mining nickel directly from planets, there are a few other options. First, you can buy Nickel from vendors in settlements that sell resources, such as UC Distribution in New Atlantis. It can also occasionally be dropped as loot from enemies or containers. However, the chances of finding it this way are slim.

That’s all for the Nickel location in Starfield. For more help on this game, you should check out our Starfield section.