Where To Find Alkanes In Starfield (Location)

Alkanes is termed as an Uncommon resource in Starfield, Here is your easy guide on where you can find it.

Alkanes in Starfield are obtainable, however, with other materials scattered all over the planets, it becomes quite complicated to find this resource. It belongs to the Uncommon Tier 1 resource and is available on a few planets. It should always be your priority to stock up on as many different kinds of materials as you can since it can help you upgrade your weapons and equipment. This material has been put in the category of Inorganic Resources. In this guide, we will go over how you can get this rare material easily.

Where to find Alkanes in Starfield

Harvesting Alkanes in Starfield

Farming Alkanes – Location

  • There are quite a few planets from which you will be able to get this resource, although the place that has it in abundance is Kreet, which is located in the Narion System.
  • Another prime location you can farm it from is in the Delta Pavonis system called the Gamow.
  • Apart from these, one of the most Alkanes-rich planet is Tau Ceti 2 belonging to the Tau Ceti System.
  • These planets are also abundant in other minerals like Iron and Argon, so farming here will improve your efficiency in the game.
  • Setting up an outpost in any of these locations will also help you get this mineral.
  • Be cautious while handling this resource as close contact can prove to have harmful effects on your character.

Purchasing Alkanes from Vendors in Starfield

  • If you do not want to waste time exploring and scanning items on different planets searching for this resource and are luckily not running low on credits you can go over to vendors and purchase it.
  • One of the locations is at New Atlantis in the UC Distribution Center. Here you will come across Wen Tseng, who will be willing to sell a large amount of Alkane to you for fewer credits.
  • Another place that can provide you with this item is on the planet of Volii Alpha in Sieghart’s Outfitters on Neon. Here you can buy it from Dietrich Sieghart, who will also sell it to you for a small fee.

This is everything you need to know about how and where you can get Alkanes in Starfield. If you find yourself gathering more than you need you can also check out our guide on outpost storage tips and more Starfield guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.