How to Complete the Survey of Kreet in Starfield?

Here is how to complete Kreet Survey by completing the all pending task related to exploration and finding resources.

Kreet is located in the Narion start system towards the extreme left side. It is the moon of Anselon a Saturn type looking planet. You will visit this planet in the first mission One Small Step. Scanning a planet 100% will reward you with extra credits. This guide will help you with scanning Kreet completely by finding all leftover resources.

Complete the Survey of Kreet in Starfield

Starfield Kreet Star System

After the first tutorial mission, you will go to Kreet to fight some pirates. At this point, you can stay at Kreet and complete the survey objective. You can instantly complete 48% scanning of this moon just by running a scan from the spaceship. It will reveal the type of surface it has, its environment, atmosphere, etc. Also, you will see the pending things required to complete 100% sure of Kreet.

Best Skills to Speed Up Planet Scanning

Before we begin it is necessary to invest in some skills so that you can speed up surveying regions. This will help you to locate a lot of things with less effort.

Science Tier 1: Research Method

  • Rank 1: +1 Zoom to Hand Scanner & + 20m Scan distance
  • Rank 2:  New Zoom Level Unlocked to Hand Scanner & + 30m Scan distance
  • Rank 3:  New Zoom Level Unlocked to Hand Scanner & + 40m Scan distance
  • Rank 4:  New Zoom Level Unlocked to Hand Scanner & + 50m Scan distance

The research method will power your scanner to scan larger areas and higher zoom levels. Finding things from a distance becomes easier with this.

Science Tier 2: Botany

  • Rank 1: Get more Common & Uncommon Organic Resources from Plants + Learn more about them from Scanner + Cultivate Plants at Outpost
  • Rank 2: Get more Rare Organic Resources from Plants + Learn more about them from Scanner
  • Rank 3: Get more Exotic Organic Resources from Plants + Learn more about them from Scanner
  • Rank 4: Harvest More Rare Resources from Plants + Learn about them quickly from the Scanner

Science Tier 2: Scanning

  • Rank 1:  Detect Uncommon Organic resources on the Planet & Moon surfaces. Also, get more information about Ships in space
  • Rank 2:  Detect Rare resources on the Planet & Moon surfaces. Also, get more specific information about Ships in space
  • Rank 3:  Detect Exotic resources on the Planet & Moon surfaces. Also, get better combat information about Ships in space
  • Rank 4:  Detect Unique Organic resources on the Planet & Moon surfaces. Also, get a full list of cargo on Ships in space

Under the Science category Tier 2 has two important skills that can help you with surveying planets. One can help you with finding uncommon organic resources through a hand scanner and the second makes it easy to find rare resources.

100% Survey Requirement

Starfield Kreet Moon

You will have to find 3 Fauna, and 3 Flaura, and discover the planetary treat to complete the Kreet survey. Here is the list of items.

  • Kreet Grazer (Fauna)
  • Kreet Stalker (Fauna)
  • Trilobite (Fauna)
  • Dust Root (Flaura)
  • Forst Reed (Flaura)
  • Nebula Wine (Flaura)
  • Resources: Helium-3 (He-3), Argon (Ar), Water (H2o), Lead (Pb), Sliver (Ag), Iron (Fe), Alkanes (HnCn) & Neon (Ne).
  • Kreet’s Deep Ocean Deposits trait.

Players will unlock slates while scanning planets, and once it is done 100% these slates can be sold to get a good amount of credits. Kreet has three types of regions.

  1. Frozen Volcanic region on the poles
  2. Mountains cover the areas surrounding the poles.
  3. Volcanic surface in most of the other regions.

To complete a full survey of Kreet players will need to find species of three animals and three plants. Along with you will have to scan 8 different resources like Water or Iron. Resources will be added to your survey list in one scan while for animals and plants, you will have to scan them properly from up to down. Here is the location of each item you have scanned on Kreet.

Kreet Fauna Location

Starfield Kreet Fauna Location

Kree Stalker & Trilobite can be found on your way to the research lab after landing. Just follow the path towards the marker and these two creatures will be in your way.

Starfield Grazer Location

Refer to the location above in the image, you will have to land towards the south side of the planet in the middle of the red area. Here you will find Grazer, the third fauna to scan. This will complete your 3 Fauna Scan target for completing Kreet’s 100% survey.

Kreet Flaura Location

Kreet Dust Root

To complete the Flaura target, search the area near Kreet Research Lab. Look for the tree root as shown in the picture above. Scan this plant completely, go near it, and scan every part of this plant. A one-time scan will not work here, scanning root to root will add this to this Dust Root flaura target scan list.

Kreet Frost Weed

The second Flaura is Frost Weed which is found in the frozen northside of the planet. There is a landing area in this region, this plant can be found around the rocks near the landing area.

Kreet Nebula Vines

The third and final one is Nebla Vine which can be found in the area of Grazers. Look around between the tiny plants using the scanner. You can locate this easily. This wall all three Flaura and Fauna on Kreet Planet. Now here are tips on how to find all resources.

Kreet Resources Locations

There are 8 resources and they are scattered all around the planet. Below are some tips on how to find them one by one.

Kreet Silver & Lead

Silver and lead can be found on the rock near the Research Lab landing zone. Scan for tiny rocks over big ones, and add them to your survey list. You can also find Argon in the same area. For resources refer to the planet biome, and check out the colors that match with the elements. Land on those spots and then scan for rocks around. All other elements can be discovered from different surfaces except Helium. It is found in enemies and plants.

The last and final thing to locate is Deep Ocean Deposits. That will complete the Kreet Planetary Trait Location. For this, you will have to find Erided Reef Outcropping. Scan the frozen regions of the moon and you will able to find a huge deposit of this deposit. This reef is evidence of lang vanished living creatures, so it can be found in frozen regions.

Starfield Survey Data: What To Do With It?

That was all the resources, flaura, and fauna. This completes Kreet’s Survey Data. Scanning different regions will take time and with this, you will also discover new landing points. Most of these resources are near the landing zones, like the Dust Root that is found in abundance near the Research Lab.

Hope this guide was good enough to guide for finding all the resources on Kreet. Check our guide on how to sell Survey Tablets to get credits. For interesting tips and tricks on the game do visit the Starfield Wiki guide.