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Starfield Survey Data: What To Do With It?

Check out this guide to know what exactly to do with all the Survey Data collected by scanning various planets in Starfield.

In Starfield, each planet comes with its own unique habitat and life forms that players can survey using their Hand Scanner and collect the data accordingly for information. The Hand Scanner will provide you with vital information on all the flora, fauna, and resources around the surroundings to know more about the planet. But one might wonder what exactly will you do with all the collected data once you have completed the planet’s survey. Although the information gained is valuable, scanning all the resources may take up your precious time. And since Starfield has an expanse of planets, it can be tricky. So don’t worry, if you are looking to know more about the survey data and what to do with it, then here is a guide explaining everything.

What to Do With Survey Data in Starfield?

Where To Sell Survey Data In Starfield

For players wondering what to do with the Survey Data, you can sell it once you have completed a thorough scan of the planet in Starfield. With that being said, there are two ways through which you can sell the Survey Data and gain some credits. One of the ways consists of interacting with Vladimir Sall the ex-Crimson Fleet pirate, now a Constellation member, in the game. You will find Vladimir on the Space Station named The Eye around the planet Jemison. Players will have to dock their ship to access The Eye. After interacting with him, you can let him know that you have Survey Data available at the moment. This will let you sell the Survey Data of the different planets for credits in the game.

Another method to sell Survey Data in Starfield would be to interact with the Trade Authority Kiosk. This kiosk will help you sell the data for a lower price than Vladimir but they are accessible throughout major cities. There are different vendors that you can come across the different systems and planets that will buy the data. But these two options are your reliable and best ways to get those credits in Starfield.

This will help you earn some credits which will in turn help you buy different items, ships, and resources. Each planet will have different data available in the game. It will affect the value of the credits you can earn from the specific planet’s data.

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