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How To Unlock Skins In Starfield

Customize your gears in Starfield by unlocking and applying skins to them. Here's how to do it.

As you are exploring the vastness of the space in Starfield, you must have come across workbenches that give you the option to apply skins to your spacesuits and guns. Wondering where to find these skins and how to unlock them in starfield? This guide will help you to unlock and apply different skins to your gears to give more personalization to the game.

Unlock Skins in Starfield

How To Unlock and Apply skins in Starfield

To unlock skins in Starfield, the only methods as of now are available through Premium Editions, pre-orders, DLC, and bonus content and there isn’t any way to purchase items through missions or in-game shops and suppliers. However, there is a possibility for more options in the future.

For now on, the known skins are the Constellation and Old Mars Skin packs. It is important to note that Game Pass users also have access to Starfield’s standard edition and Old Mars Skin Pack in-game bonus skins. Hence, if you want to get your hands on skins in Starfield you’ll need to obtain it by pre-order, Premium Edition, or bonus content for the game.

Apply Skins in Starfield

If you have skin in your inventory, applying it to weapons or spacesuits is a pretty straightforward process. As mentioned earlier, you will have to locate a weapon workbench or a spacesuit workbench for customizing your suit and guns. Speaking of weapons, once you are on the workbench, select the weapon for customization and scroll by the option to find the skins section. Now click on it and pick your desired skin to apply to your weapon.

Furthermore, for spacesuits and helmets, the process is the same as that of weapons. Locate a workbench for the spacesuit select the suit you want to customize, and pick from the available skins. Finding workbenches in Starfield is also simple, as they are located in various large hubs and cities throughout the world. The first one you’ll likely come across is in the basement of a building, The Lodge in New Atlantis.

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