HoloCure Holo House: How To Unlock It & All Activities

Not sure when you can get the Holo House in HoloCure? This unlock guide has you covered.

If you are tired of fighting hordes of enemies in HoloCure then you should unlock the Holo House. This is a nice section of the game, which is nothing like the bullet hell you have been playing so far. Here there are many activities for you to do like decorating your home as per your taste. Recruit fans as workers to help you earn some money, do fishing, farming, and more. But this option isn’t available from the start. So here is how you can get the HoloHouse.

How to Unlock Holo House in HoloCure

HoloCure how to get Holo House

You have to clear Stage 1 – The Grassy Plains to unlock Holo House. The process can feel daunting if you are new to the game, but you can easily do it if you use the right character and weapons. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Use ranged characters: While you most likely can clear the stage with any character of your choice. You should avoid characters like Takanashi Kiara, even though she has the highest HP among all starting characters she has a short slash range. You should try using Amelia Watson, Mori Calliope, or Ninomae Inanis. Amelia uses a projectile weapon and the other two have a good range.
  • Use the right weapons: Try going for weapons like Psycho Axe, BL Book, or Holo Bomb. You can use Holo Bomb as mine and get enemies to step on them. The other two are excellent ranged weapons that deal damage to enemies coming at you from all sides.
  • Upgrade weapons: Instead of getting multiple weapons and items, you can try upgrading the ones you already have and eventually turning them into Collabs. Check out our Collab tier list to find the best ones in the game.
  • Try keeping your distance: Make sure you avoid getting hit by the enemies and move around as much as possible.

Using these few tips you should have no trouble unlocking the Holo House.

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Best Activities to Do in HoloHouse

what to do in HoloHouse in HoloCure

  • Recruiting Fans: Using the Management board you can add volunteers to help you make money. This is the best way to earn HoloCoins by barely doing anything.
  • Customizing your home: Can you really call it a house if it is not as per your liking? Buy furniture like floors, carpets, tables, beds, and more. Place them around so you can really get the feel for your character.
  • Farming: You can plant and harvest your very own crops in the open-fenced garden that is at the bottom right side of the Holo House. This can be a relaxing activity for you. But even if you don’t like it you must do it sometimes so that you have enough ingredients that you can use for cooking. You can visit vendor Nemu to get soil and seeds for your farm.
  • Fishing: On the left side of the map there is a small lake. Interact with it and you can start fishing. To catch some fish you just need to complete the mini-game and you will have a bunch of them in no time.
  • Cooking: This list couldn’t have been completed without this task. You can make different meals and have one before starting a run to get a special buff. Cooking is also needed to feed your fans. Make sure to give them things that they like.

That’s it for how you can get the Holo House in HoloCure and the activities you can do here. If you are interested in this game you should also check out our guides on the Super Collabs, how to get Golden Hammer, and how to pet Bubba.