HoloCure: Super Items (Full List & How To Get Them)

Have some items on your character but aren't happy with the boosts they provide? You need Super Items in HoloCure!

HoloCure has 16 Super Items that you can unlock to give your Vtuber some much-needed boosts. It is easy to get different items as you level up. But just having them isn’t enough. You also need to level up more or use the Anvil to keep upgrading them so that you can reach their Max level. Only after you get here can you enjoy the full advantage of the stat effects they have to provide. But with Super Items you get the best stat effects right away that are even better than their Maxed-out counterparts. So here are all the Super Items in HoloCure, their effects, and how to get them.

How to Unlock Super Items in HoloCure

HoloCure Super Items List

You can get Super Items by opening Holozon boxes. Defeat bigger versions of regular enemies (special enemies) or even mini-bosses like Fubuzilla to get these boxes. Each Holozon box has a 5% chance to be a Super box. As for the items, all of them are of the same rarity so you can get any one when you open such box.

Below are all the 16 Super Items in this game:

All Super Items in HoloCure

  • Super Body Pillow: Get a shield that can take up to 40 damage, which is recharged every 15 seconds. When the shield is full you heal 10 HP every 3 seconds and even take 15% less damage.
  • Super Breastplate: Take 30% less damage. You also have a 75% chance to hit the attacker and nearby targets with 300% damage upon getting hit.
  • Super Chicken’s Feather: You get 5 revives. Every time you revive, you permanently have an increased +20% attack or +10% SPD. You also recover at 50% HP, and every enemy gets killed upon revival (Not counting bosses).
  • Super Credit Card: Every minute an anvil will spawn. It also costs 50% less when enhancing weapons or items.
  • Super Energy Drink: Get additional 30% haste and 60% speed.
  • Super Gorilla’s Paw: Deal 1.5x attack damage.
  • Super Headphones: You have a 40% chance to negate 1 hit while recovering 10% of your maximum HP. You also create a shockwave that knocks back the enemies.
  • Super Hope Soda: Critical hit damage gets increased by 50% and every 10th hit will do Critical damage.
  • Super Idol Costume: Reduce Special Cooldown by 45%. Allows the use of Special once more immediately per charge.
  • Super Knightly Milk: Weapons have 30% additional attack size and knockback effects. You also increase your maximum HP by 20 while doubling your Pick Up Range.
  • Super Limiter: Get 15% extra HoloCoins, Exp and increase your Pick Up Range by 500%.
  • Super Nurse’s Horn: You have a 30% chance to life-steal 8 HP from eliminated enemies, and also 5% of their maximum HP. When your HP is lower than 15%, you have a chance to recover 30% HP.
  • Super Sake: Increase critical by 30% at the cost of having slightly unstable aim.
  • Super Stolen Piggy Bank: Each time you travel 25px you get 1 HoloCoin and 50% increased speed.
  • Super Study Glasses: Each time you level up, your Weapon damage increases by 0.3%. You also get 40% additional Exp and have a 2x chance of getting a Rainbow Exp drop.
  • Super Super Chatto Time!: Get 150% more HoloCoins upon killing your enemies. You also permanently increase your attack by 1% for every 10 HoloCoins you pick. Also, coins are collected automatically.

With that you know everything about the Super Items in HoloCure. Be sure to also check out our guides on how to unlock Golden Hammer and how to get new weapons.