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HoloCure: How To Get Golden Hammer (Super Collab)

Wondering when you can get the golden hammer in HoloCure? Here is everything you should know about it.

If you are looking for powerful weapons in HoloCure you should get yourself the Golden Hammer. While the game doesn’t give out the strongest weapons directly, it does let you upgrade your weapons and items to make them. In case you are new to this game then you can combine two weapons to get Collabs (or Collaborations). These weapons are quite strong but with the game’s 0.6 Update, you can now even make Super Collabs. So here is how you can unlock the golden hammer and how you can craft super weapons with it in HoloCure.

How to Unlock Golden Hammer in HoloCure

how to Get Golden Hammer in HoloCure
Image Credit: Neka Ch. on YouTube

You need to reach either level 50 or have at least 3 Collab weapons. While the basic criteria appears fairly simple, achieving them can be quite difficult. To begin with not any Collab weapon works. To use the Golden Hammer you will need any of these Collabs:

  • Dragon Fire
  • Idol Concert
  • Elite Cooking
  • Snow Flower Sake

When you have any one of these Collabs you will get an incomplete golden shaft (check the top-right corner of your screen). Getting a second Collab completes the Shaft and the third Collab gives you the Golden Hammer.

Alternatively, you can go for reaching level 50, this can be easy or hard depending on your build and how fast you can collect Exp. After you reach level 50 a golden hammer will spawn on the ground that you can pick up. Now all you need is the above mentioned Collabs and their respective items.

How to Use Golden Hammer

You can use the Golden Hammer at the Golden Anvil to make a Super Collab. For a Super Collab, you need a Collab weapon and a maxed-out item or the Super Item. These are the weapons and items you can use for a Super Collab:

  • Holy Fire
    • Collab: Dragon Fire
    • Item: Gorilla’s Paw or Super Gorilla’s Paw
  • Idol Live
    • Collab: Idol Concert
    • Item: Idol Costume or Super Idol Costume
  • Jingisukan
    • Collab: Elite Cooking
    • Item: Uber Sheep or Super Uber Sheep
  • Snow Queen
    • Collab: Snow Flower Sake
    • Item: Sake or Super Sake

Do remember you get only 1 Golden Hammer per run. Make sure you make the super weapon that you plan on using.

Now you can easily unlock and use the Golden Hammer in HoloCure. For more on this game also check out our guides on how to pet Bubba and how to get stage 2 Holo Office.