HoloCure: How To Get Stage 2 Holo Office (Regular & Endless)

Are you confused about how to unlock Regular and Endless Stage 2 in HoloCure? Read along to play them.

Have unlocked regular Stage 2 of HoloCure, but don’t see Hard mode’s Stage 2. The system has left many players in confusion. At the time of writing, there are three types of stages: Regular, Endless, and Time Stages. Endless mode stages are unlocked by finishing specific Regular mode stages. And this also applies to stage 2 of this Hard mode. Also, Endless stages are actually endless, so you should practice in Regular before attempting them.

How to Unlock Hard Stage 2 Holo Office Evening in HoloCure

How To Unlock Stage 2 Of HoloCure

  • Regular Stage 2 Holo Office is unlocked by finishing Regular Stage 1.
  • The Endless Stage 2 Holo Office Evening is unlocked by completing Endless Stage 1.
  • The Endless Stage 1 is unlocked by finishing Regular Stage 2.

All About Stage 2 Regular Mode

In Stage 2 Regular mode of HoloCure, you face bosses like Mikodanye and A-chan. Mikodanye drops Holozon Box and is known for her Lava Bucket attack and fireball cones. She is weak towards freeze attacks like Ouro Kronii’s Time Bubble. You will also get 2200 EXP after defeating her. A-chan appears after 20 minutes and is a lot more powerful than Mikodanye. You can get CEO’s Tears, Holozon Box, and 6000 EXP by defeating her.

How is Stage 2 Endless in HoloCure

Endless stages are based on the Regular Stages of the same level, but here enemies are faster and stronger. You face three bosses in this stage: Mikodanye, A-chan, and Harusaki Nodoka. It might be the case that you only find Mikodanye and Harusaki Nodoka or A-chan and Harusaki Nodoka at one stage.

Since we have already learned about the Mikodanye and A-chan in the Regular mode section, let us understand Nodoka. When she appears all previous enemies disappear, as she comes with the HoloStaff army. She is the most powerful boss of this stage and is known for her Fan Beams and bullets. Even if you manage to lower her HP to a great extent, she becomes furious, and her bullets & speed increase. So it is recommended to use ATK level 6 and SPD level 6 when playing the stage.

With this, you can now unlock and play Stage 2 of HoloCure in both Regular and Endless modes. We have covered plenty of topics from this game, so if you are curious, check our HoloCure guides. You can start with how to get Outfits and then unlock Special Attacks.