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How To Get Outfits In HoloCure

Looking for alternate costumes? Here is a guide on how to get different outfits in HoloCure.

Want to know how to get alternate outfits for your characters in HoloCure? This pixel-graphic roguelike game has caught everyone’s attention with its gameplay inspired directly by Vampire Survivors and Magical Survival and its recent Steam release. In the fanmade game, players will come across several characters that can wield powerful weapons and skills. And players can experiment with their build accordingly. Along with the special skills and items, some characters have alternate outfits available with which you can customize accordingly. So if you are looking for a simple change in appearance, here is a guide on how to get them in the game.

How to Obtain Outfits in HoloCure

how to get alternate character outfits in holocure

Players can unlock and get outfits from the Character Gacha available in HoloCure. You will come across the Character Gacha option in the in-game shop. There are nine different banners, each with a variety of six unique characters. You will acquire the alternate outfits bundled with the characters that you obtain in the Gacha. It is worth keeping in mind that it doesn’t affect if you already have unlocked the character or are unlocking it for the first time. You will find the outfits bundled with the characters nonetheless. For this, players will first have to purchase the Gacha Roll for around 1000 Holocoins. You can buy up to 10 rolls of the banners available in HoloCure.

Another option for players would be to redeem the outfits with the help of Gambler’s Tears. You will need about 15 Gambler’s Tears to redeem an outfit in the Character Gacha in HoloCure. Once you get your hands on them, head over to the character selection to select the new costume. Here you will find the additional option to select the outfit you acquired through the Character Gacha. The option will only be available for the character for whom you have unlocked alternate costumes in the game.

That’s everything covered on how to get outfits in HoloCure. If you find this guide interesting, check out our best character tier list for HoloCure, right here on Gamer Tweak.