HoloCure: How To Use Tears And Get Characters And Outfits

Here is how to get and use Tears with Gambler's Tear System of HoloCure.

Wondering what are HoloCure Tears that everyone is talking about and how to use them? This guide contains everything you need to know about the system, where to get it, and how to utilize it. This system is highly appreciated by those who don’t have much luck with Gacha. Though there is no official or confirmed character Gacha rate in the game, some characters are pulled quite frequently. And 1000 HoloCoins on duplicate feels like a waste, so this special system is a reasonable alternative.

What is Gambler’s Tear System? How to Use Tears for Characters in HoloCure

What Is Gambler's Tear System

Every time you pull a duplicate character from the Gacha, you receive one Tear. You can redeem 7 Tears to get specific characters, and 15 Tears are used to redeem outfits. And Tears received from one banner cannot be used for another. Simply put, if you got Tears from Hololive JP Gamers, you can only use them in Hololive JP Gamers. And apart from the HoloCure Tears, you get permanent +1 HP, +1% ATK, and +1% SPD with duplicate characters. The bonus rate has a limit, but Tears don’t. G.Rank 1% increase with duplicates also has no max limit.

For now, getting Tears in exchange for duplicate characters is the only way to get them in HoloCure. You can go to the Gacha and press Buy x 1 (1000) to use HoloCoins and get a new character or Tears. And right below that option is Tears Menu. Go to the Tears Menu if you collected the required amount and unlock the character or outfit. This Character Gacha option is found inside the Shop section of the main menu. You might also see the Redeem button after receiving Tears.

If you have obtained Tears and used Gambler’s Tears in HoloCure, you should also check how to get Collab weapons and use this Characters tier list to learn which vtuber should you unlock with Tears.