HoloCure: How To Use Ultimate And Special Attacks Skill

Get and use Ultimate & Special Attacks in HoloCure with this moves guide.

Want to unlock and use the HoloCure character’s ultimate and Special Attacks? This game has gained massive popularity for its engaging gameplay and updates. It features vtubers of Hololive, where the talents beat enemy waves. All characters have their Special Attacks and unique skills. These attacks are useful when you are surrounded and normal moves are not enough. So read along and learn how to use these ultimate attacks.

How to Get and Use Special Attacks in HoloCure

How To Use Special Attacks In Holocure

To use Special Attacks you have to first unlock it from the Shop. You can purchase the upgrade for 500 HoloCoins. There are no level-ups for the skill as of now. So once you have purchased it, get to the battleground and wait for the Special Attack meter to fill. The Ready meter you see in the upper left corner shows you when your attack is ready for use. Press X to use HoloCure’s Special Attack and finish hordes of enemies.

All Special Attacks have a cooldown period. And all characters have their unique attacks with different cooldown periods. As you level up and get to new stages, you will have to use such attacks more often, so the cooldown period can be problematic. Now, what you can do to tackle this issue is reduce the cooldown time of Special Attacks in HoloCure. For that, you have to again purchase from the Shop. The upgrade you need to buy here comes in five stages and is called Special Cooldown Reduction. First one cost 500, then 1250, 3000, 6900 and finally 15000.

Hope Soda and Idol Costume also reduce the Cooldown period of Special Attacks. Hope Soda is unlocked by getting Hope Descends achievement. And the Idol Costume is unlocked through the Power of Idols achievement. The Idol Costume is upgraded 5 times to provide a 40% Special cooldown reduction. And you can also get its Super version with a 45% Special Cooldown reduction.

That’s all you must do to get and use Special Attacks faster in HoloCure. We have covered many interesting game guides, including the HoloCure tier list and how to get Collab weapons, so check our site.