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HoloCure: How To Pet Bubba

Check out this guide to know how you can pet your adorable dog companion Bubba with this hidden mechanic in HoloCure.

Bubba is a dog companion that players can unlock as a skill while playing Amelia Watson in HoloCure and not many know that you can pet this adorable pup. Each character in the roguelike game has their own unique skills and special attacks that they can unlock in the game. One of the three skills that you can unlock while playing Amelia is Bubba and this dog companion will help you deal damage and also pick up XP in the game. Although you might not know of a hidden mechanic where you can pet the adorable companion in HoloCure. With all the help and advantage he brings to the table, he deserves praise from you in the game. So if you are looking to learn this hidden mechanic, then check out this guide on how to pet Bubba in the game.

How to Pet Bubba in HoloCure

petting bubba mechanic in holocure

Players can pet Bubba by going near him and holding the P key on their keyboard in HoloCure. Although to trigger the secret petting animation, you will have to be very still and stand beside him while holding the key. The animation will last as long as you hold the key in the game. Although Amelia will be attacked by other targets even in the animation. Once done, you can release the key to let go and get back to combat. After petting the adorable dog companion, players will earn the “You Can Pet The Dog” achievement in HoloCure. It is worth keeping in mind that there are no gameplay changes that you will come across after petting Bubba in HoloCure.

While petting Bubba is easy, you will have to first unlock the skill for Amelia Watson to get the dog as a companion. Players will have to level up as Amelia Watson to unlock her Bubba skill in the game. At max level, Bubba deals around 300% of the base damage of Amelia and can also stun specific targets for two seconds in-game. Not only does this adorable pup useful but with him players can also deal extensive damage to their targets in HoloCure.

That’s everything covered on how to pet Bubba in HoloCure. For more interesting guides like these, check out our dedicated HoloCure section. You can start by looking into how to get outfits & how to get idol song in the game.