How To Get Idol Song In HoloCure (Weapon Guide)

Check out this guide to know how you can get the Idol Song weapon in HoloCure.

The Idol Song is one of the basic weapons you will come across as you progress stage by stage in HoloCure. It is a ranged weapon that your characters can equip while saving endless waves of fans in the game. The weapon shoots out magical music notes that float vertically in both directions and deal damage in the game. Idol Song can be further upgraded increasing damage and the size of notes in HoloCure. Not to mention, at max level, players can use it to collab with some other weapons. This can help you create a high-tier weapon in the game. So if you are wondering how exactly can you get this unique weapon in your arsenal in the roguelike game, then check out this guide to know more.

How to Unlock Idol Song in HoloCure

how to unlock idol song in holocure

To unlock and get Idol Song in HoloCure, players will have to survive for around 10 minutes while playing IRyS in a single run. Although it doesn’t matter if you win or lose the run, the weapon will be unlocked for you at the end of it. IRyS is one of the characters you can get in the Project: HOPE banner in the Character Gacha. She has a base health of 55 and a good attack speed which makes surviving the run a little easy in HoloCure.

Idol Song can further be upgraded up to level 7 in the game. At the max level, the damage is increased by 50% from the previous level 6. And you already have increased note sizes to your advantage. The weapon at max level can also be used to collab with three other weapons to create a high-tier weapon in HoloCure. Here are all the collabs you can try out in the game:

  • Idol Concert: Idol song + Glowstick
  • Rap Dog: Idol Song + X-Potato
  • Crescent Bardiche: Idol Song + Psycho Axe

With the collabs and all the upgrades, Idol Song is one of the best weapons you will find in HoloCure. However, you will have to successfully unlock IRyS in the Character Gacha first. Which makes it a little difficult to get your hands on.

That’s everything covered on how to get Idol Song in HoloCure. If you find this guide useful, check out our guide on how to get cutting board and bonus in HoloCure.