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HoloCure Collabs Tier List

Want to know the best Collabs in HoloCure? This Tier list has you covered.

Here is our Tier List of the best Collabs in HoloCure. In case you are new to the game then you can merge two compatible weapons to make a stronger weapon. This new weapon is known as a Collab or a Collaboration. Whenever you are playing this game your main goal should be to collect these weapons and upgrade them as soon as possible. So the moment you get a Golden Anvil, you can get your Collab using which you can kill enemies even faster. But not all Collabs in this game are equally useful. So below is our Tier List ranking them from best to worst.

HoloCure Collab Tier List – All Weapons Ranked

HoloCure best collab weapons tier list

Since Super Collab weapons are overpowered we haven’t ranked them in the list below and have only taken Collabs.

S Tier

  • BL Fujoshi: BL Book + Psycho Axe
  • Dragon Fire: Fan Beam + Plug Type Asacoco
  • Frozen Sea: BL Book + Wamy Water
  • Bone Bros.: Cutting Board + EN’s Curse

A Tier

  • Ring Of Fitness: Bounce Ball + CEO’s Tears
  • Elite Cooking: Elite Lava Bucket + Spider Cooking
  • Stream Of Tears: Fan Beam + CEO’s Tears
  • Broken Dreams: CEO’s Tears + Spider Cooking
  • MiCome: Elite Lava Bucket + Psycho Axe
  • Legendary Sausage: BL Book + Sausage

B Tier

  • Lightning Wiener: Plug Type Asacoco + Sausage
  • Crescent Bardiche: Idol Song + Psycho Axe
  • Rap Dog: X-Potato + Idol Song
  • Flattening Board: Cutting Board + Holo Bomb
  • Snow Flower Sake: Wamy Water + Glowstick

C Tier

  • Curse Ball: Bounce Ball + EN’s Curse
  • Idol Concert: Idol Song+ Glowstick
  • Eldritch Horror: EN’s Curse + Spider Cooking
  • MiKorone: X-Potato + Elite Lava Bucket

D Tier

  • Absolute Wall: Cutting Board + Bounce Ball
  • I’m Die, Thank You Forever: Holo Bomb + X-Potato
  • Light Beam: Glowstick + Fan Beam
  • Breathe-In Type Asacoco: Holo Bomb + Plug Type Asacoco

How Tiers Work for this List

  • S Tier: These Collabs are very powerful and you should definitely use and upgrade these weapons.
  • A Tier: The next best Collabs in the game after S Tier.
  • B Tier: These Collabs are fairly strong.
  • C Tier: These collabs aren’t as strong as the ones from the above tiers but can be useful situationally.
  • D Tier: You should avoid making these Collabs as much as possible.

That’s all for this Collab Tier List for HoloCure. For more on this game, check out the list of all Super Items and how to unlock the Golden Hammer.