How To Get Super Collabs In HoloCure & Tier List

Here is everything you should know about the Super Collab weapons in HoloCure.

Super Collabs in HoloCure are powerful weapons and many players are looking for their tier list and ways to get them. These are late game weapons that are not easy to obtain. But once you do manage to unlock them, you can safely consider the victory to be yours against any boss in the game. As long as you don’t play recklessly that is. The name might have given you a bit of hint, you will first need Collabs for them. So here is a quick Tier list to help you out and the method you can unlock them.

How to Get Super Collab Weapons in HoloCure

HoloCure super collab weapon tier list
Image Credit: Neka Ch. on YouTube

To get Super a Collab weapon you need to get the Golden Hammer. This is an item that you get after reaching level 50 or after collecting 3 Collab weapons. Once you have the hammer go to the Golden Anvil when it spawns and using the Collabs and Items in mentioned in the tier list below you can get your super collab weapon. You can check out our detailed guide on it here.

HoloCure Super Collabs Tier List

Since there are only 4 Super Collab weapons this list only consists of two tiers. Those are also very situational as when you are looking for battle power you might find Super Collabs that deal more damage better suited for use than those that provide healing or stat buffs.

S Tier

  • Holy Fire: This weapon lets you spit flames that have 50KG strength. While this part of its description may not make much sense, what does is that it multiplies all attack damage by 1.3. So if you have plenty of health or life steal then this weapon is something you can go for. To get it you need:
    • Dragon Fire (Collab) + Gorilla’s Paw (Item)
  • Jingisukan: Your character willl throw grilled lamb everywhere. Stand withing the Jingisukan range and you can recover 3 HP per second while also increasing your maximum HP by 100. This may not be a very battle aggressive Collab, but it can surely save you from dying and can help you last longer in fights. To get it you need:
    • Elite Cooking (Collab) + Uber Sheep (Item)

A Tier

  • Snow Queen: Use it to increase critical chance by 20%. It starts freezing the enemies around you while also dealing them damage. This is another very powerful super collab, especially useful if your character doesn’t have much speed. To get it you need:
    • Snow Flower Sake (Collab) + Sake (Item)
  • Idol Live: It reduces your special cooldown by 30%. Using your special also boosts all your stats by 50% for the next 10 seconds. Although you cannot use it repeatedly and will have to wait another 30 seconds before using it again. This Super Collab is useful if your overall stats are good as it directly buffs them. To get it you need:
    • Idol Concert (Collab) + Idol Costume (Item)

Hopefully this guide should help you make the right Super Collab for you in HoloCure. If you are interested in another such list then check out our Collab weapon tier list.