Pokemon Scarlet Violet (SV) Trade Codes

Here's all you need to know about Pokemon SV trade codes to get version exclusives.

There are lots of Pokemon that are exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet or Violet versions and if you want to get one that’s not available in your game, you can trade with your friends to get it. That’s where these Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV) trade codes come in. They will help you trade starters or version exclusives with someone who is intending to give away a Pokemon you want in Pokemon SV. If you are not sure how to make it work, follow this guide.

Best Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Trade Codes

Big thanks to @AustinJohnPlays on Twitter & Youtube for the information. Make sure to check his video and follow him on social media!

Pokemon SV Starter Trade Codes

Pokemon SV Updated Starters Trade Codes
Image Credits: Austin John Plays on Twitter

Note: The following guide has been updated with the trade codes based on the National Dex entries of each Pokemon rather than their Regional Dex entries. You can check the updated trade codes status of Austin in his tweet here. This also includes codes for Teal Mask and Indigo Disk.

  • If you have a Sprigatito and you want a Fuecoco, you can use the Trade Code 09060909 and you may be linked with someone who wants to do the trade with you. This is because the national dex entry of Fuecoco is 0909 and that of Sprigatito is 0906.
  • The person who wants a Sprigatito and is trading away their Fuecoco also has to use the same code as the one who is trading their Sprigatito. So the trade code will be the same, that is 09060909.
  • We are basically placing the national dex entry of the Pokemon first as they appear in the dex. So even though you want to trade a Fuecoco for a Sprigatito you won’t use 09090906. This is because Sprigatito has entry prior to Fuecoco. And since both players are using the same code they will find each other easily.
  • Similarly, if you have a Sprigatito and want a Quaxly, the code you have to enter is 09060912 because 0912 is the national dex of Quaxly.

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Pokemon SV Trade Codes for Exclusives

Here’s the updated list of Austin John Plays Scarlet Violet Trade Codes for Version Exclusives.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Updated Trade Codes
Image Credits: Austin John Plays on Twitter

How to Trade

  • Open up the Poke Portal and select Link Trade or Surprise Trade.
  • Surprise trade is exactly what it sounds like – you won’t know which Pokemon you will get when you trade the one you want to give away. You also won’t know who you are trading with.

link trade pokemon sv

  • But Link Trade is where you can choose the Pokemon you want to trade, see the trade offer on the opposite side, and then decide to trade or not.
  • Once you select Link Trade, click on Begin Searching.
  • The game will ask if you want to search for a trade partner for a Link trade. Click on Yes.
  • Once you see the “Trade partner has been found”, choose the Pokemon you want to trade > select the Trade it option.
  • Then you will also see the Pokemon you will get in return.
  • That’s pretty much it! You will see the animation showing the completion of the trade and you will get the Pokemon’s info on your Pokedex.

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How to Use Link Codes to Trade Pokemon Locally

  • First, turn off your internet after which you will see Offline Mode at the top right corner of your screen.

link trade

  • Open Poke Portal > Link Trade.
  • Scroll to Set Link Code and set a code that’s a maximum of 8 digits. Share the exact number with the friend you want to trade Pokemon with. They have to set it as their Link Code as well.
  • After that, click on Begin Searching and you will land up on your friend as a Trade partner.

This also works if you want to trade with players online, just that both require an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.

There are quite a few version/edition exclusives that you may want to collect. For example, Drifloon is only available in Pokemon Scarlet, whereas Ceruledge is only in Violet. The popular Misdreavus can be found in Violet, but Scarlet has the Koraidon Pokemon. So trading is one of the main ways to complete your Pokedex.

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