Pokemon Scarlet Violet Teal Mask Trade Codes

Here are the trade codes that you can use to get version-exclusive Pokemon for the Teal Mask DLC in Scarlet & Violet.

Many Pokemon Scarlet Violet players are looking for Trade Codes for Teal Mask version exclusives. These are useful if you plan on completing the Pokedex. It especially works for players whose friends might not have different versions of the game. You might not always find people to trade with on forums. So having some general codes that everyone uses can be helpful in such situations. So here are them all.

Pokemon SV Teal Mask Trade Codes

Pokemon SV Teal Mask DLC Trade Codes For Version Exclusives
Image Credits: Austin John Plays on Twitter

Huge Thanks to @AustinJohnPlays for once again sharing these codes. Be sure to also check out their Twitter and the video for it! There are only 6 Version exclusives including their evolutions. The trade codes work as follows:

  • Gligar and Aipom: 02070190
  • Cramorant and Morpeko: 08450877

No matter whether you wish to trade away a Gligar or get one for an Aipom. You can use the above trade code for both. This should pair you up with another random trader who is looking to trade the same.

There is a chance that you may end up linking with another trader who is also trading away the same Pokemon as you. In that case, you can simply cancel the trade and try again until you find another player who has the Pokemon you are looking for. This could take a few turns, so try playing at times when you feel several other players might also be online.

Teal Mask Evolution Trade Codes

  • Graveler: 00750075
  • Haunter: 00930093
  • Gurdurr: 05330533
  • Phantump: 07080708
  • Poliwhirl (while holding King’s Rock): 00610061
  • Feebas (while holding Prism Scale): 03490349
  • Dusclops (while holding Reaper cloth): 03560356

Starter Pokemon Trade Codes For Teal Mask

  • Turtwig and Chimchar: 03870390
  • Turtwig and Piplup: 03890393
  • Chimchar and Turtwig: 03870390
  • Chimchar and Piplup: 03900393
  • Piplup and Turtwig: 03890393
  • Piplup and Chimchar: 03900393

You can use these trade codes by using Link Trade from the Poke Portal.

That’s all for the Teal Mask DLC Pokemon Trade Codes. For more help on other topics, I suggest you check out our Pokemon SV section.