Pokemon Scarlet Violet Cheat Codes & Exploits

Looking for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Cheat Codes, exploits, glitches or bugs to get an advantage like duplicate items, fast money? Here's what you need to know.

Are you looking for some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet cheat codes or exploits that will give you duplicate items, more speed, or ‘infinite’ money? Here’s a list of all the known Pokemon SV cheats that you need to know about. Disclaimer: Don’t do any exploits in multiplayer mode because that can get you banned. Last checked for new codes on January 31, 2024, but there’s a chance that Nintendo will patch out glitches, exploits, or cheats in upcoming updates.

Are there Official Cheat Codes in Pokemon SV?

There are no official cheats you can use, but players have discovered quite a few exploits and tricks to get boosts in-game. We’ve listed some of the best ones below.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Cheats & Exploits

Create a Secret Save Backup

create save pokemon scarlet violet

On the unfortunate occasion that Pokemon SV crashes on your Nintendo Switch or if you forget to save the game, you don’t have to worry about losing your progress. There’s a way to use a secret save a backup by pressing X + B + Up together while you are on the title screen of the game.

This will bring you to a new screen that allows you to Start from Backup data. You can now continue playing from a point that’s very close to where you were the last time you were playing it. Moreover, this works even if you have turned off the autosave.

Check out the video:

Thanks to @GameXplain and @BrybryPokebip on Twitter for this information.

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Pokemon SV Duplication Glitch for Singleplayer

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players can do this dupe exploit in single-player mode.

  • First, beat the game.
  • You will have Miraidon or Koraidon with you. Change it into its battle form.
  • Give it the item you want to duplicate.
  • Then, summon Miraidon or Koraidon after it holds the item.
  • After that put it back into battle form.
  • Now you gotta catch a Pokemon.
  • After catching, add them to the party.

pokemon cheat fast money

  • The game will ask which Pokemon to send to the boxes, hover over Miraidon/Koraidon then press A then B very quickly! The sequence and timing is very important.
  • When you get it right, the game will say that Miraidon/Koraidon is holding an item. Send the item to your bag.
  • Now summon Miraidon/Koraidon and press + to get off it.
  • Change them into battle form.
  • So this is how the Pokemon will hold the item and send one to the bag, thereby successfully duping it.

Thanks to Kibbles for this information. Watch the video to see it in action:

Increase Speed Cheat/Exploit

Want to increase your speed in Pokemon SV? You can do so by connecting a second controller and using both left joysticks at an angle. While it doesn’t work perfectly, you can take advantage of it if you want to quickly explore various areas.

Thanks to u/hamsterhead64 on Reddit for this information.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you can greatly increase your running speed by connecting a second controller and using both left joysticks at an angle.
by u/hamsterhead64 in NintendoSwitch

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Cheat for Infinite Money

As Kibbles explains in his video (linked below), this exploit can help you get lots of money quickly. This will require you to have male and female Pokemon because you will have to breed them.

  1. In Mesagoza (West), go to the shop with a red door.
  2. Buy 5 Strawberries and 5 Bananas.
  3. Then head out and go to the shop with a green and white awning.
  4. Buy 5 Butter, 5 Cream Cheese, 5 Peanut Butter, and 10 Silver Picks.
    item dupe glitch fast money cheat pokemon sv
  5. Now make your way to the Asado Desert via West Province (Area One) – North.
  6. Next, open up the menu and go to Options.
  7. Turn off Autosave and save the game.
  8. Now search for golden sparkling spots on the ground.
  9. Pick it up.
  10. Then go look for another sparkling spot, save and then pick it up. Keep doing it until you find what you are looking for, something that has a high sale value.
  11. Once you have it, go to the HOME menu and press X to close the game software.
  12. Reopen the game and load it back to the spot where you found the item.
  13. Keep some distance between you and the sparkly spot.
  14. Set up a Picnic table in such a way that the spot is RIGHT UNDER the picnic basket.
  15. Interact with the picnic set and make a sandwich.
    sandwich glitch money
  16. Choose to make a Great Peanut Butter Sandwich.
  17. Add the ingredients.
  18. Follow this breeding guide to see how it works.
  19. Now check the basket and you will have the priced item spawn in there.
  20. Go AFK for 30 minutes, come back and get the items that will earn you lots of money.

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