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How To Increase Student Grades In Two Point Campus

Here's how to get a better academic performance from your students in Two Point Campus.

In Two Point Campus, you will be tasked with building and managing a campus that is packed with all the essential requirements for students. This will affect their happiness levels and grades as well. In this guide, we will explain how to increase student grades in Two Point Campus.

How to Increase Student Grades in Two Point Campus

If your students are struggling with low grades and you are looking for the best ways to raise them, there are a few things you can do.

Add All the Necessary Elements to your Campus

Make sure your campus has everything that students need – including a library, toilets, vending machines, trash bins etc. Having all the necessities is an important thing to do to raise your students’ concentration levels and eventually, their grades.

Focus on the Happiness Levels of Students

how to raise student grades two point campus

Keep an eye on the Happiness levels of your students, because if they are sad, they won’t be able to attend classes regularly. Moreover, their unhappiness will result is lower grades overall. If it goes to extreme levels, they may drop out so focus on their happiness. You can check out your Inbox for requests from students and see if you can fulfill them. For example, I got a request for a Student Lounge and I made one, packed with a dartboard and more fun stuff. This helped!

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Add a Library and Study Rooms

Students must do a lot of after-lecture studying and assignment completion to keep their grades up and a Library as well as a Private Tuition room will help them immensely. If you’re short of skilled teachers and assistants, hire them as soon as possible. Based on the body language of a student, you can tell whether they are demotivated at that time or not. The game is pretty realistic so as some students need to be forced to go to Private Tuitions sometimes, you may need to do the same in Two Point Campus. Click on a particular student and you can do this manually.

Choose Good Teachers to Raise Student Grades in Two Point Campus

hire good staff teachers

Speaking of hiring teachers, it’s crucial that you choose highly skilled ones who have particular traits like Happy Thoughts, Private Tuition, Comic Timing and Inspiration Speaking. These qualities in a teacher will allow your students to stay driven and enjoy their studying. Plus, make sure to keep training your staff to get better at their work gradually. If someone is underperforming, you might have to fire them.

Upgrade Rooms

how to get good results from students

If you create an attractive room, students are more likely to show up to campus. Make sure to use good quality furniture in rooms, upgrade classrooms, add healthy food to eat – basically, anything that a student will need to perform well in school.

So, as you can tell, the answer to your question of how to raise student grades in Two Point Campus is to give them things they would need to come to campus, learn and study well. While you are on this adventure, find out how to level up and get rid of invaders in this game.