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Two Point Campus: How To Increase Attractiveness

Here's how to Increase Attractiveness of your university in Two Point Campus.

Have you ever dreamt of running your own university? You can now with the recently launched sim Two Point Campus. While you start with an empty building, bit by bit you have to build your campus. Hire staff, create your rooms and classrooms, and brighten your lawns and gardens as students will look to enroll in your university. The basic goal of the game is to build the university the way you want and then keep it functional and running. Although efficiency is a major focus when students enroll in your university, attractiveness will also improve your chances. In this guide, we will show you how to Increase Attractiveness at Two Point Campus.

How to Increase Attractiveness at Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus Increase Attractivesness
Image Courtesy: Gamers Heroes (YouTube)

While you have to help every student and staff with their individual needs, the bigger goal will always be to add more students. Although adding them is no cup of tea but there are certain things that may help you. Here’s how to Increase Attractiveness at Two Point Campus:

  • To Increase Attractiveness, you need to add items from the inventory that are designated to do so. You can see it is mentioned with the item.
  • You can toggle to the eyeball among the options on the bottom of the screen and then move right to find the flower icon. You can access this by pressing Box on PlayStation or X if you are an Xbox user.
  • This allows you to get a heat signature of which places need to be more attractive in your Two Point Campus.
  • While deep green suggests a great and attractive atmosphere, the grey and the dull describe places that need shuffling.
  • Put items like posters, flowers, and others that will increase the attractiveness. But at the same time keep your budget in mind.
  • Additionally, remember not to put the same posters in the same room as it might decrease room prestige. Also, start your focus on bigger rooms while you increase attractiveness.

That’s all you need on how to Increase Attractiveness at Two Point Campus. Since you are here, we recommend you check out more of our Guides for interesting content at Gamer Tweak.