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Two Point Campus: How To Get Rid Of Invaders

Are you annoyed that your Students are getting harrased by invaders in your Two Point Campus? Check out this guide and sort that.

While education is an integral part of a University, the safety of students is almost equally important. Although you start with an empty building, bit by bit you have to build your campus. Hire staff, create your rooms and classrooms, and brighten your lawns and gardens as students will look to enroll in your university. The basic goal of the game is to build the university the way you want and then keep it functional and running. While your university gains popularity, it will also attract Invaders to disturb the settlement. This guide will help you get rid of these Invaders from your Campus in Two Point Campus.

How to Get Rid of Invaders in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus Get Rid of Invaders

As mentioned earlier, the safety and security of your students are equally important. You do not want your students to be unhappy. Invaders are bound to make your students unhappy, at least the ones who want to learn. It may also harm the Prestige of your University. So here’s how you can get Rid of Invaders in Two Point Campus:

  • The way to rid these invaders from Campus is to hire or train Janitors with Security Trait.
  • Either you can hire a Janitor with Security Trait or you will have to train the hired ones. When you train your Janitors, a green shield will appear and that is when they have developed the security trait.
  • Since you can earn money and Kudosh points when you quickly remove an invader, you should increase the Security skill of your Janitors. This helps in catching invaders easily.
  • Additionally, it is not possible for one or two Janitors to catch an invader every time. We recommend you hire a few more.
  • Although the invaders leave at first defeat most of the time, it might not be the case every time.

That’s all you need on how to get rid of Invaders in Two Point Campus. While you are here, make sure you check out how to Increase Attractiveness, how to increase campus level, and more with Gamer Tweak.