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How To Increase Students & Staff Happiness In Two Point Campus

Check out the best ways to boost happiness levels of people on your campus.

Happiness is an extremely important factor in Two Point Campus because it affects the motivation of the students as well as staff working there. Many things contribute to high happiness levels and managing them in a big campus can be tough. To help you out, here’s how to increase happiness of your staff and students in Two Point Campus.

How to Increase Happiness in Two Point Campus?

student staff overview

To check the current level of happiness of your students and staff, head to the menu at the bottom left. Scroll until you find the Campus Overview. Now switch tabs and check out the Staff Overview and Student Overview. The Happiness levels will be shown there.

Check the Current Staff & Student Issues & Requests

how to increase happiness levels

For Students, you will see issues like dropout warnings, medical issues, pastoral issues and for Staff members, it will be resignation warnings and training requests. Basically what you need to do is identify the problems and make an effort to solve them. It could be anything from Needs, Environment or Lifestyle.

As you can tell, there are lots of things that may need changes but it’s worth the effort if it makes your students and staff happy to be there. It will also raise the grades of students.

Add All the Required Amenities

boost happiness levels two point campus

Make sure that your staff and students have all the required amenities like Toilets, Trash bins, Hand Sanitizers, Shower Rooms and more to maintain hygiene. If needed, you can hire more Janitors to keep things clean because without them, the students will litter everywhere. Plus, players need to remember to keep items at the right locations for easy access. Here’s how to make money fast, if you are running short of cash.

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Allow Them to Have Fun

two point campus fun rooms

“All work and no play makes Jack a Dull Boy” holds true in this game as well. Add rooms like the Student Lounge/Staff Room where people can take a break and enjoy themselves. If you don’t, they will feel overworked, provide lower quality work or leave. Check the inbox frequently to know what everyone wants and Accept the ones you deem important.

Fire Underperforming Staff

hire fire staff

This may sound cruel, but if you have hired staff members who have a poor hygiene or do not behave well, you will have to fire them to ensure happiness. After that, hire a good set of staff who will boost the overall environment in a positive and inspirational way.

Keep Everyone Healthy

If the people on your campus keep eating junk food from vending machines, their health is bound to go down. To avoid this, add some options to eat healthy food to have less illnesses, leading to happier people.

Check the Staff Wages

One of the main reasons of unhappiness in Staff is the feeling of being underpaid. Ensure that you are paying your team well so that they can work efficiently.

There are more things to take care of which are not mentioned here, but this is sure to give you an idea about how to go about it throughout the game. In a nutshell, if you fulfill the needs of students and staff members, listen to their requests, solve their problems and make the necessary changes, you will get higher happiness levels in Two Point Campus.

That’s everything you need to know about happiness in this game, but for more such tips and tricks, check out our TPC guides on Gamer Tweak.