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Two Point Campus: How To Make Money Fast

This guide is all you need to make money fast in Two Point Campus.

If you have been dreaming of building your own University, Two Point Campus is the sim you shouldn’t miss. Although you start with an empty building, bit by bit you have to build your campus. Hire staff, create your rooms and classrooms, and brighten your lawns and gardens as students will look to enroll in your university. The basic goal of the game is to build the university the way you want and then keep it functional and running. And no such University can function efficiently without a proper cash flow. Take too much debt and you might turn up bankrupt if you do not have that credit line helping you. This guide will help you to make money fast at Two Point Campus.

How to Make Money Fast in Two Point Campus

Archeology in Two Poi8nt Campus

While cash flow is quite a necessary concern to run and function the University, your credit has to outweigh the debt. If your cash flow is positive, the operation runs smoothly and there is no trouble. Whilst that is not the case, the impending debt will eat chunks of your profit and won’t let you progress. Here are all the ways that you can make money fast at Two Point Campus:

  • Make Money from Tuition Fees & Salaries
  • Keep Students Happy & Get Better XP
  • Archeological Dig Site
  • Sell Unused Items
  • Take a Loan
  • Using Paid Machines

Make Money from Tuition Fees & Salaries

While this method is only a short-term fix with inevitable ramifications, you can try this way to make money fast at Two Point Campus. Each year, you get to toggle with the student fees, and increasing it will give you more money. The reason why this is a short fix is that the students will be unhappy and that might lead to further chaos. But this will solve your money problem for a while.

Additionally, you can also hire staff with lower salary requirements. Again, you will be sacrificing the quality of learning for money and students might be unhappy.

Keep Students Happy & Get Better XP

Quick Money in Two Point Campus

If you keep Students happy, this might be your best yearly income. Since Tuition fees are the main income, a happy student will be learning way more effectively. The higher the learning percentage, the higher your XP bonus. This is a great way to make money fast at Two Point Campus.

The best ways to do so are Libraries and Private Tuition. While the student is learning, the more methods of study that you provide will help keep the learning curve up. And when this happens, you get the XP bonus money every month.

Archeological Dig Site

You need to build a lot of Archeological dig sites and start the classes as soon as you can. The artifacts sold after being unearthed can give quite good returns. Additionally, you need to keep increasing the dig site. This invites the possibility of unearthing more artifacts and maybe more valuable ones. This helps you in getting more money in Two Point Campus.

Sell Unused Items

While you progress further, you will need to make space for new and improved equipment. So why not sell your old and unused items and make some money? Although prices might differ and you won’t make a fortune, it is better to get some money for such items. Rather than having dirt on them, better to make room for new and better items.

Take a Loan

Two Point Campus Make Money Fast

Although this is not a great method, it is still the fastest way to make money at Two Point Campus. But we do exert caution for this method. Debt used correctly will help you progress further, but used incorrectly will begin the downfall. If you are confident about paying the loan back along with the interest charged, then this is the quickest way to get some money.

Using Paid Machines

While this is not a fast method, you will certainly make money in Two Point Campus. Stuff like Vending Machines, arcade games, food stands, and more are available to be used. While the majority of them are cheap investments but great passive returns over time. Check your inventory for such items that will help you get more money in the game.

That’s all you need on how to make money fast in Two Point Campus. While you are here, make sure you check out our Two Point Campus guides for more with Gamer Tweak.