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All Splitgate Maps And Arenas

Find out all the available Splitgate Maps and Arenas.

There are various Splitgate Maps/Arenas that you can choose from in the game. In Splitgate you can choose between 11 Arenas. Each map has its own perks and individual features that set them apart from each other in the game. So, scroll down and find out about all the playable arenas in Splitgate.

All Available Splitgate Maps

There are 11 available maps/arenas that you can choose from. Find all of them mentioned below.


Impact is a map that has seemingly been adapted for combat after the discovery of Portal technology. This map relies heavily on close combat. So, your best chance at getting through this map is with the use of powerful close-range weapons such as Shotguns or Plasma Rifles.


Do you want to get back to all those rich, snobbish people that are out for vacations at expensive resorts? Splitgate will allow you to do just that as you go to this beachside battlefield and battle it out. This map heavily favors long-range weapons such as snipers. However, you will constantly need to be on the move on this map.

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Lavawell Splitgate Map

At Lavawell you will be transported to an abandoned research station. This is one of the maps where the portals are not fueled and run by anti-matter. This map heavily features tight corners and small spaces. You will have to keep your wits about you as you have to look out for enemies as well as all that molten rock. However, if lucky, you just might be able to find a Rocket Launcher or Railgun.


Splitgate Maps And Arenas

Abyss is exactly what the name denotes. One wrong step will lead to a fall that will turn out to be fatal. It is quite a different map as it features caves with a large open center. And as a bonus, the gunfire can’t be heard from the surface.

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Pantheon Splitgate Map

Pantheon is a well-designed map that is actually symmetrical. This map looks like an old arena where gladiators used to battle it out. However, this time around, if you are a sniper, you will be rewarded well.


Olympus is one of the trickiest maps to navigate in the game. This is because the map is literally quite high above the clouds. So, one wrong step will send you tumbling down to the ground above. However, if you manage to float over to the portal platform at the bottom, you just might be able to get out alive.

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Splitgate Maps And Arenas

Highwind is one of the smallest maps in the game. This will bunch up the map quite a bit. Again, close-quarters combat can be expected. This map really doesn’t have any locations where you can hide out. So, you will have to constantly be on the move as you save yourself.

Club Silo Splitgate Map

Splitgate Maps And Arenas

Club Silo used to be an underground missile base that has since been converted to a Nightclub. This map features walkways along with a large open center. A Sniper’s paradise.

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Stadium might just be one of the best maps in the game. It has the makings of everything that is good about the game. Features include and open center which is good for snipers as well as tight corridors and walkways that call for close-quarter combats.


Splitgate Maps And Arenas

Atlantis. Underwater. This much must have been obvious when you read the name. You will need to get a rifle pretty quickly in the map if you have any chance of getting through the map. It also has an open center where you can find the BFB. Beware of the Snipers here.

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Splitgate Maps And Arenas

Helix is the best training ground mao if you want to practice hand-to-hand combat. This map will test out all your gameplay styles as you navigate long hallways and tight corridors.

This is everything that you will need to know about all the Available Splitgate Maps. While you are here you can also have a look at the Splitgate Weapons Tier List as well as How To Use Splitgate Sensitivity Converter.