How To Get A Portal Kill In Splitgate For Trickster Achievement

Here's all about what is a Portal Kill in Splitgate, how to get such kills and how to obtain the Trickster Achievement.

Portals give Splitgate an edge in the world of first person shooters and there’s something called Portal Kill that you may want to know about. It’s essential to know how to do it to unlock the Trickster achievement. Here’s all about what is a Portal Kill in Splitgate and how to get such type of kills.

What is a Portal Kill?

What is a Portal Kill

Portal kill is when you let an enemy go through your portal but then trick them into falling and dying. Note that the opponent must have full health. When you get a kill using this type of portal placement, you will get a Portal kill in Splitgate. This is different from the other way to kill an enemy through the portal and that’s by shooting them through it. When you do this, you will get the Over Here achievement where you need to get 25 kills through portals.

How to Get a Portal Kill in Splitgate?

This is kind of tough to pull off but it’s one of the most satisfying ways to kill an enemy in this fast-paced game. Players have to think fast and create a portal in such a manner that an unsuspecting players walks right into it and fall to their death. Place it in a way that the exit portal makes the player with full health drop right into a void and die.

The Olympus map is one of the best maps to make this happen and get the Trickster trophy. There are quite a few areas where you can set up the portals so get creative and watch your opponents fall. Keep trying different things to see which style works the best.

Here is how the Portal Kill in Splitgate works:

That’s what you need to know about this particular trick and the achievement you get related to it.

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