Splitgate DLC & Referral Code: How To Enter & Redeem Rewards

Here's how to enter & use Splitgate Referral Codes.

Splitgate Referral Code is something that keeps popping up on Reddit and other social media sites like Twitter, Twitch, and even YouTube comments. The referral system rewards both the referrer and their users with a range of customizations and perks. Splitgate’s options may appear complicated at first, but the method is simple and straightforward. Players are also looking for any DLC codes they can redeem inside the game. So today let’s look at DLC codes, and how to enter & use Splitgate Referral Codes.

How to Use & Enter Splitgate Referral Code?

Splitgate Referral Codes reddit

You can use the Splitgate Referral Code to get the following rewards:

  • Banner – Epic
  • Epic Name Tag – Recruiter
  • Epic Pistol Skin – Racer
  • Legendary Plasma Rifle Skin – Ritual
  • Legendary Smg Skin – Wildfire

To access Splitgate’s referral section, go to the main menu and then to the “Reward Center” option at the left corner of the screen. Click on the button to open it. In the Who Referred You? section, you can input someone else’s referral code, and then write down your own unique referral code under it. You may input another player’s code in the box to give them one of the referral bonuses. This awards you and the player who referred you 50 Splitcoins each. These work differently than DLC codes in Splitgate.

Splitgate Referral Code Not Working

If the Splitgate Referral Code is not working, then it may be that the player is already above Level 10. If you’re at XP Level 10 or higher, you won’t be able to enter someone else’s referral code. You must, however, share your code if you really want someone to use it so you may receive the benefits.

You can only use one referral code per person, but you may reference an infinite number of individuals. When you submit your referral code, the person you’re referring must be below level 10 and must reach level 10 in order for it to qualify for your referral reward.

Splitgate DLC Codes (January 2023)

Splitgate DLC Codes
Players like @JessieVera9 are asking @Splitgate devs for DLC codes. But no codes are available yet.

At the time of writing, it appears there aren’t any DLC Codes available for Splitgate. Players are on Twitter are asking 1047 Games for DLC Codes to redeem for free rewards.
Despite this, the developers have yet to make any announcements about DLC codes for the Splitgate.

That’s all about DLC Codes & Referral System in Splitgate.  While you are here, make sure to check out our Video Game Guides for more tips & tricks about all the latest popular games.