How To Check Splitgate Queue Time (2023)

Here's how to know the current Splitgate Server Queue Times and find out how long you need to wait to jump into the games.

Splitgate, the fast paced multiplayer arena shooter by 1047 Games, is exploding. Which is why many players are curious to know how long are the Splitgate Queue Times before they get into the game. Since the game shot to popularity in an unexpected manner, the servers could not handle the influx of players initially. And due to this, the queue times became super long – even 90 minutes! Now, here’s what you need to know about the current Splitgate wait times.

How Long are the Splitgate Server Wait Times Right Now?

With the newest patch which provided increased capacity and stability, players are seeing shorter queue times. As per the official Splitgate Status Twitter page, the current estimated queue time is under 2 minutes and is expected to remain under 30 minutes in the coming hours.

Check out the Tweet by @SplitgateStatus on August 7th, 2021 here:

How to Check the Current Splitgate Queue Times?

How to Check Current Splitgate Wait Times

If you want to stay updated with the latest information about Splitgate queue times, simply follow @SplitgateStatus or @Splitgate twitter accounts and turn the notifications ON if you’d like. This is where you can get all the up-to-the minute info about current game status straight from the developers. You can also check out Splitgate Discord to know the current queue times since you won’t be able to see them in the game itself. Although you can get the wait time there, it won’t be absolutely accurate and only estimates. The queue times will change depending on whether you are playing during peak times or not.

An important note – Make sure to not use any queue skipping programs because you will risk getting banned. The devs have already banned players who tried to do this. So protect your account and stay patient while the queue times are improved gradually.

Are Splitgate Servers Down or Back Up?

If you are wondering whether Splitgate servers are back online or down for maintenance, you can keep an eye on their twitter accounts. Sometimes, the developers will take the servers offline to upgrade them so after it’s done, you will be able to jump right in.

With time, the servers will be improve even further so it can handle the large number of players that will join in as its fame increases. Meanwhile, don’t forget to find out how to check if servers are down, how to invite friends, and turn off the mic/mute players in Splitgate.